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4 Fun Unique Ways to Stroke Him Off

Who says handjobs have to be boring?

Handjobs aren’t basic, but some people seem convinced that they are.

You get that kind of attitude from guys who are just plain ungrateful. Their goal is to get sucked off or fucked and they’ll be disappointed if they get anything else.

They’re the ones who show excessive pride and say things like “handjobs are for teenagers” in their best fuckboi voice.

Then there are the guys who seem to think that sex is exclusively physical. To them, getting a handjob isn’t any different than jerking themselves off — except the technique is less reliable.

For whatever reason, they’re completely insensitive to the horny emotional rush they should feel when a woman is trying her best to turn them on and get them off. Instead, they scoff and say stuff like “why would I want a handjob when I can just give myself one?”

The anti-handjob bros are definitely in the minority. Most guys will be more than happy to feel your warm hand on their shaft. Unfortunately, they’re a vocal minority and they’ve managed to shake a lot of ladies out of our handjob confidence.

They definitely shook mine.

I knew I was being a good girl when I put my mouth on someone’s dick. I was giving them exactly what they wanted out of me. It didn’t even matter if my technique was any good.

Same with getting fucked — they could pound away at my pussy until they were satisfied.

I didn’t feel the same way about handjobs, though. I worried that using my hand just wasn’t good enough — that every stroke was a let down.

I knew I was supposed to wrap my hand around the shaft and move it up and down, but that was it. I’d stroke it awkwardly, not really sure if I was doing it right.

Eventually, I developed some jerking skills and that gave me a lot more handjob confidence.

Then I learned to be more playful with it. I started exploring different ways I could pleasure a cock using only my hands and fingers. I stopped worrying that my handjobs were too basic because I knew they weren’t.

But most of the things I’ve done to make handjobs more exciting don’t really have anything to do with my technique. Because a really fucking good handjob isn’t just about how you stroke his cock — it’s about the way you approach the handjob itself.

If you want to give extremely fun, pleasurable, and arousing handjobs, here are five great ways to stroke him that you might not have tried yet.

Make It Spontaneous

When’s the last time you stroked him off to completion? I’m talking about start to finish handjobs where you wrap your hand around his dick and don’t let go until his cum spills over your fingers.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s probably been a while.

And that’s the perfect opportunity to give him a real thrill, because he won’t be expecting it.

Wait for the right moment, when you’re feeling frisky and he’s busy with something that isn’t really important.

Then initiate your stroke session in whatever way you feel comfortable. Make out with him and slide your hand down his pants. Walk up to him and start feeling up his bulge until it hardens. Or straight up ask him if you can jerk him off.

He’ll be excited by the spontaneity and by knowing that your dirty mind was at work, thinking about him and his cock.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as it’s a surprise.

It’ll be a very good experience for you too. Giving a surprise handjob is very much a dirty girl move so doing it is going to make you feel really hot and fun.

Jerk Him Discreetly, Take some stupid risks

One of my most memorable handjobs that I can never forget, it was fun because I was trying to make sure we wouldn’t get caught.

It was during one of the days, my boyfriend came to visit me secretly in my gram’s house. 

I was soo horny.

Mostly, I was turned on by the fact that we were doing something really naughty(sex chatting) and I sent him a seductive text daring him to come.

Moreover it was just a tiny bit of risk!

Everyone was upstairs in the dining room having lunch, I sneak downstairs and jerked him off in the bathroom 😜

Jerk him off under a blanket while you’re hanging out on the deck.

Find a bench in a secluded walking trail and slip your hand down his pants.

Suck it like you’re licking a lollipop

If you can get away with it, a semi-public handjob can be so fucking fun. And you don’t have to do it at a party or with anyone else around.

It doesn’t matter if you finish him off. It doesn’t matter if you give him really good strokes.

All that matters is that you’re sharing a dirty moment together when you’re not really supposed to.

Use an Unreasonable Amount of Lube(lubricant)

You’re already using lube when you jerk him off, right?

If you’re not, you definitely should. Some guys need it to fully enjoy a handjob. The ones who don’t will still appreciate it because that extra glide will heighten the stimulation.

And once you start using it, you can do something that’s really fucking fun: massaging his cock with a sloppy amount of lube.

Pour a generous amount of high-quality lube on his cock before you start stroking him off and then keep reapplying over and over.

Add so much that you make a bit of a mess but not too messy 

Get it so wet that it makes a splashy sound when you stroke him fast.

Use half a bottle of lube if you have to, and just rub his cock in whatever way feels right.

Enjoy the way all that lube feels. Rub his dick in all sorts of different ways. Get really playful with his dick.

Take your time. Stroke him slowly. Instead of tiring yourself out, give him lots of steady stimulation. Make him feel taken care of and make his cock feel thoroughly loved.

Just make sure you have a towel handy to wipe your hands clean and a proper sex blanket so your cock massage doesn’t create a big lubey wet spot.

Stroke Him Off and Make Him Feel Amazing

Handjobs can be pretty damn basic, but they don’t have to be.

You can use complicated techniques. You can give long cock massages. You can just stroke with tons and tons of enthusiasm. It’s all really fucking good stuff.

But it’s even better if you spice things up once in a while.

Try something completely new and it’s going to make the handjob so much more exciting — for both of you.


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