5 Ways Your Partner Can Get Involved With Your New Baby

If there’s one thing a new mom needs more than anything else, it’s help. Our partners want to be that support we need, but sometimes they’re just not sure where to start or what kind of help is most useful. And as new moms, sometimes we’re literally too exhausted to delegate. Or, you know, form coherent sentences. 

Whether it’s handling kitchen duty or feeding the baby a trusted formula like Enfamil Enspire while you get some much-needed shut eye, there are plenty of ways your partner can jump in. Rest easy, because we’ve done the thinking for you. Here are five concrete ways your partner can support you so you can focus on bonding with your new baby and recovering from the marathon of childbirth.

Take Over Baby’s Mealtime 

Handing off baby for a feeding while you take a quick (or not so quick) nap is more than just a way to give you a break — it’s an opportunity for your partner and baby to strengthen their attachment. We all know breastfeeding is great for bonding, but did you know formula feeding can offer the same beautiful connection? And whether you’re exclusively bottle-feeding or supplementing, a formula like Enfamil Enspire can give your partner the reassurance that baby is getting optimal nutrition since it’s Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk. It has five important nutrient benefits that support healthy development, immune health, gut health, motor skills*, attention span**, and language development. The prebiotic blend in Enspire supports baby’s immune system and is clinically proven to promote gut health. Enfamil Enspire even contains Lactoferrin‡, the same immune-supporting protein also found in colostrum and breast milk.  

So, let your partner step in and handle a few feedings. You’ll get some rest and your partner will get some precious snuggle time — it’s a total win-win. 

Get Out Of Mama’s Hair For Awhile

In those early days when your baby is with you pretty much all the time, their needs have a way of becoming your primary focus. Or even your only focus. But it’s okay to take a little time each day to regroup and remember that you’re a whole human with your own interests and passions. Have your partner pack a bag and a bottle and take your little one out for a stroll, even if it’s just around the block. You’ll get a few minutes to take a longer-than-three-minutes shower, scroll social media, or just unapologetically stare into space — the time is yours to do with as you wish.

Make Some Kitchen Magic

For partners who cook, this is their moment to shine. If your love language is lasagna, recruit your partner to manage meals and let them show you how much they care. For partners who aren’t whizzes in the kitchen, there’s no shame whatsoever in home delivery. Especially during those early sleep-deprived days, you need both rest and nourishment to keep up with the wonderful but demanding job of caring for an entire brand new human all day. While you take care of making a bottle with Enspire, your partner is taking care of feeding you. Gotta love teamwork.

Tackle Mount Laundry

Nearly every first-time mom expresses genuine shock at how much laundry comes with a new baby. Even if it’s your second, fourth, or seventh time around, it’s always a little jarring to see how quickly piles of clothes, burp cloths, blankets, and stained t-shirts pile up. Washing clothes is an ideal task for your partner because it’s high-payoff, with a result you can easily see. Pro tip: ooh and ahh when they present you with a pile of clean onesies. Overpraise wins every time. 

Step Into The Management Role 

Running a home and family requires an incredible amount of organizational skill. Especially if you have older kids in addition to your new little one, planning and tracking multiple schedules is not easy. If your partner already manages soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, bill paying, and thank you card writing, well, congratulations on finding your unicorn. If not, this is the perfect time for them to step into an admin role and keep things on track, removing one more worry from Mama.  

One of the best things that happens when you bring an adorable plus-one home to your family is that you get to see another side of your partner. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to demonstrate their commitment to you and your family. No matter what, keep a sense of humor and assume the best intentions, even when your partner does something that makes you silently cringe. You probably just need a nap. 


For tips, discounts and the chance to win free formula for a year, sign up for Enfamil’s Family Beginnings today. Enfamil Enspire is Enfamil’s closest formula to breast milk. It offers 5 important nutrient benefits in one formula to support the overall health and development of your baby including immune and gut health, language development†, motor skills*, and attention span**. You can learn more about Enspire here.

None of the statements contained in this article have been reviewed by a Physician. This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.

* At 18 months

** At one year of age

† At 12 months

‡ Added as an ingredient



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