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A Look Inside The Luxurious Hospitals Where Royal Moms Give Birth

News about where all the royal mothers give birth, from Princess Eugenia to Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, has been making the rounds lately. Once you dive in, you quickly realize that the places these women give birth would be like four star vacations to your average person. From private rooms with stunning views to 4-star seafood meals prepared by master chefs, no corners are cut when it comes to the pampering these royal ladies get pre and post labor.

And We’ll Never Be Royals

First you have the four post beds that reside in private wings at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital where Harry and Meghan welcomed their first child. Then you have private tea time at the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, where the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to her children. Hello Magazine points out that it’s easy to see no cents were spared in the pampering of the expectant royal wives.

Some more details of their birthing process are just as jaw-dropping. Most women find childbirth to be quite arduous, justifiably. But if all these amenities were available to the full public, seems likely far less women would likely be traumatized by the process.

Seafood Dinners and Full English Breakfast

They aren’t gonna skimp on meals if you are a royal about to give birth. Though seafood is allowed, lobster is actually avoided from royal menus because they can sometimes hide toxins that cause food poisoning.

Rather, the emphasis here is on breakfast. They start each day with a full English breakfast, to be precise. For those who may not know what that entails:

Baked Beans

Eggs, Sunny Side up (and Runny)

Fresh Tomatoes





Black Pudding (a blood based sausage)

It may sound strange to those not familiar with the culture, but it’s a staple in Britain. While most hospital visits don’t offer it, the royal ladies still get to indulge daily. Another big part of that ritual is….

Tea Time

We all know tea time is a cultural norm overseas, but that doesn’t mean it is observed in American hospitals. But at the Portland hospital where Kate gave birth offers it. Along with tea time, they also get assorted fingers sandwiches as well as strawberries with clotted cream. Sure beats the Jello most people get at the hospital.

Celebratory Champagne and Strawberries

St. Mary’s Lindo Wing offers up bubbling champagne and sweet strawberries for celebration post birth. It’s a small step, but another validation that no corners are cut for royalty, even in their most trying times. Try ordering champagne and fresh fruit at an American hospital post childbirth and see how well that goes for you.

Massive Amounts of Personalized Staff

In a normal hospital room when someone gives birth, there are a handful of people. Maybe 5, tops. Nurses, doctors, and (very few) family members. When a royal gives birth, there has been cases of upwards of 25 people present.

When Kate gave birth, there were 20+ people in the room, including her gynecologist and the royal family surgeon, who is a staple in the family. That is a number not normally associated with childbirth. But this is the royal family we are talking about.

Newborn Royalty

So there you have it. A glimpse into how the “other side” lives and gives birth. Insight into what it’s like to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Perhaps not wholly relatable, but definitely very interesting to get some insight into.


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