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Add Instant Volume To Your Hair With These Quick Fix Products

Considering all the holiday parties this season, from office holiday parties to New Year’s Eve gatherings, this time of year demands we look our best. If you struggle with thin or balding hair, it can be difficult to feel confident in your looks, which is the key to putting your best foot forward. Luckily we found some hacks to instantly hide balding and make hair look fuller.

Thinning hair can affect women of all ages and one of the most common reasons women see more shedding hair than usual is postpartum hair loss. One Tik Tok user dealing with that exact problem demonstrated a product that instantly covers balding or thin patches that we can’t help but love. 

We discovered a Tik Toker dealing with postpartum hair thinning who used a genius trick to instantly hide her thin patches and the results are honestly hard to believe. 

If you’ve got mature hair, you know how hard it is to keep up the thickness and health you enjoyed in years before. We’ve got a few hacks that will help your hair look immediately thicker, silkier, and healthier than ever. 

Know someone who wants to bring the salon experience home? We’ve got a gift guide that’s got the perfect gift for the luxury lover in your life.

Instantly Hide Balding Or Thin Patches With This Genius Trick


After suffering from postpartum hair thinning, one Tik Toker discovered a dry shampoo that instantly hid those thinning patches. Although dry shampoos are traditionally just used to remove excess oil from hair, the particular brand used by the Tik Toker uses a unique formula that has a secret double purpose.

Check out the video here and try the product for yourself.

3 Easy ‘Hacks’ For Mature Hair For Healthy, Voluminous Strands

Side by side images of Suzanne the Beauty Shaman on her TikTok video for mature hair hacks.

As hair matures, it loses much of its natural thickness that was enjoyed in younger years. Suzanne the Beauty Shaman, who enjoys a huge following on Tik Tok, shared three hacks women can use to not only restore their hair’s natural luster but to make it look more voluminous and healthier than ever. 

Check out Suzanne’s tips and tricks, and the life-changing products she recommended, click here.

Gift Salon Quality Hair At Home With These Highly Rated Hair Care Products

If you’re not so much looking for yourself, but rather to give a luxurious, salon-style hair package to someone else this holiday season, look no further. We’ve got the skinny on a line of hair care products that work like a dream and offers the gift of year-round spoiling. 

Interested? Take a look through our gift guide by clicking here.

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