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Bachelorette Dates That Almost Ruined The Whole Season

As one of the most controversial contestants in “The Bachelorette’s” history, Luke Parker had already alienated a lot of viewers (and his fellow contestants) early on when he declared he was falling in love with bachelorette Hannah Brown during a group date. But a few episodes later, some major red flags became apparent when the former high school football player got violent during a game of rugby on another group date. 

“Boys, I’m excited,” Luke P. said when the date activity was first announced (via the Daily Mail). “I’m a competitor, so it’s about to get bloody.” Hannah seemed to have the same attitude, saying, “I want blood, sweat, and tears!” But unfortunately, Luke P. actually made good on that promise and ended up body slamming another contestant, Luke Stone, during the game. Calling Luke P. a “frickin’ animal,” Luke S. later explained, “This is the kind of guy that might, god forbid, you know, hurt someone. Luke can’t control himself. … I think at this point it’s fair to say that in competitive situations, he poses a threat to other people.” 

As for Hannah, she ended up in tears over the violent turn the game took (another contestant, Kevin Fortenberry, also ended up injured in a separate incident and was even taken to the hospital). “I wanted them to give their all, and be tough and tackle,” she told the cameras. “But of course I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”


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