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Batman Won’t Go Down And Twitter’s Got Something To Say

DC/Youtube and _psdo/Twitter

It started out simply. The two co-creators of “Harley Quinn,” an R-rated DC Entertainment-HBO Max cartoon, inserted a joke about Batman going down on Catwoman. The DC universe has featured Batman boning Catwoman. “The Killing Joke” went out of its way to show Batman banging. Catwoman and Batman’s relationship is practically canonical in the DC universe.

But according to the creators of “Harley Quinn,” when they showed DC execs a quick scene of Batman down under, execs unequivocally nixed it. “You can’t do that,” they said. “You absolutely cannot do that… Heroes don’t do that.”

Did you hear that, those of you with vaginas? Heroes don’t go down.

Season two of “Harley Quinn” ends with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn running off into the sunset together — literally. In fact, Poison Ivy ditches her dude for Harley Quinn, and it’s presented as a good thing. So DC’s problem isn’t sexual representation. Purely, simply, it’s Batman performing oral sex on a woman, and some fucked up idea of emasculation that comes with it.

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