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‘Butt Flap’ Fashion Dominated Spring Collection Runways

I’ll admit, the phrase “butt flap fashion” sounds anything but cute. Visions of a family at Christmas in holiday-inspired pajamas, sometimes known as “flapjack pajamas” filled my head. I would, of course, be mistaken, because the look that dominated spring runways was a lot chicer and much less cheeky

Showcasing their 2022 Spring collections, many designers from Prada to Chanel had these silly-sounding ‘butt flap’ skirts on their runways, but the look was anything but silly.

From long, elegant trains to shorter flaps, the asymmetrical look of adding additional fabric in the back was definitely a statement maker. And besides the dramatic flair, it adds some functionality as well.

What’s A ‘Butt Flap’? 

This look isn’t quite a hi-low skirt, but rather, the look that dominated spring runway shows featured a more structured skirt, with a medium to long train behind it. Other looks incorporated an extra panel of fabric in the back of the skirt.

For the more dramatic flair, check out these looks from Prada:

For a simpler, more structured look, just take a cue from Chanel:

In the example above, which the design house referred to as a ‘shirt-back miniskirt’, the look more evokes the feel of a shirt tied around the waist rather than a train. Yet there is no denying both looks are stunning.

The Look Is Actually Functional

We’ve all been there, rocking a skirt that is the perfect length while standing up, only to have our legs stick burn on a hot chair when we sit down. With a little extra fabric on the back, you never have to worry about a hot or sticky chair again–it’s like a built-in seat cover.

Plus, for those with ‘blessed backsides’, having a little extra coverage in the rear can be a godsend.

While we don’t anticipate this look dominating the streets come Spring 2022, modification on the looks might be. For example, it could signal that high-low skirts might have a comeback. Mid-length skirts are also a more practical option in many cases for those looking for extra coverage.

According to Vogue, we can expect to see mini-skirt suits with bold colors and patterns, similar to the Chanel look above. Flowy fabrics, sun-soaked colors, and see-through fabrics were some other major takeaways from the runway.


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