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Charles Out As King After Scandal, William Being Secretly Coronated And Other Rumors About The Line Of Succession

Prince Charles is set by law to be the next King of England. But, that doesn’t stop any speculation that Prince William will be the next king by the tabloids. We investigated the rumors surrounding Prince William taking the throne.

Prince Williams’ Secret Coronation 

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New Idea released a cover story that revealed that Prince Williams and Kate Middleton had a secret coronation where they were crowned King and Queen. New Idea stated that Queen Elizabeth was the one who devised this plan to save the monarchy. She’s informed Prince Charles that he will be passed over so Prince William and Kate Middleton can take over the commonwealth.

A royal expert says, “King Charles III is hardly equipped by either appearance or habits to bring a breath of fresh air and reform the monarchy.” The story says that preparations for the succession are underway and that the official coronation will happen on April 28.

Click here to find out why Queen Elizabeth chose Prince William to replace King Charles, and if this coronation is the real deal.

Charles Involved in Michael Fawcett’s Scheme

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The National Enquirer stated a different idea for why Charles will be replaced as king. The magazine reported that Prince Charles has put the royal family under heat for his most recent scandal. According to the report, Charles’s closest aide, Michael Fawcett, had promised a Saudi billionaire a knighthood in exchange for cash. There is speculation that Charles played a much larger role in the scheme, and that this will cause him to no longer be the next king.

“Fawcett has been bounced from two jobs in the royal household, and Charles has been told many times to drop him but can never bring himself to do it!” an inside source dishes. There is smoke to the flame, as shortly after the scandal broke, Fawcett stepped back temporarily from his position as Chief Executive of The Prince’s Foundation.

Prince Charle’s and Fawcett’s relationship is also questionable due to Charles reemploying him after he departed, and Fawcett getting caught selling Charles’ gifts. Read more about it here.

Prince Charles In Hot Water With The Queen?

Prince Charles in a blue suit with Queen Elizabeth outdoors
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The National Enquirer also reports that Prince Charles’ “money-hungry” behavior has landed him in big trouble with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The scandal with Michael Fawcett, Charles’ aide, selling a knighthood has allegedly made the queen very upset with Prince Charles. An insider dished, “This money-for-honors atrocity is the last straw for her majesty,” adding, “She’s already had serious reservations about Charles’ ability to take the throne, but this outrage is the final nail in his coffin.”

Is it possible for Charles’ money-hungry behavior to be the reason why the queen is booting him out of the line of succession? Click here to find out.


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