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Christie Brinkley’s Instagram Video Of Daughter Alexa Has Fans Concerned

Supermodel Christie Brinkley recently took to the waters with some friends and family for a fun boating adventure, but Instagram followers took notice of Christie’s daughter Alexa and were concerned that something was off about the younger woman. The comments about Alexa’s demeanor in a video Christie uploaded to Instagram were so numerous that the model eventually had to add a comment to her post explaining what was really going on with her daughter. 

Fans Concerned About Alexa Ray Joel After Appearance In Video

To celebrate World Oceans Day as well as National Best Friend Day, famed model Christie Brinkley took a boating trip with her closest friends and family members, including her daughter Alexa. In the caption, she wrote, “So here’s an Irish proverb that suits both…There are good ships, and wood ships, Ships that sail the sea. But the best ships, are friendships, May they always be!”

In the video, Christie captured footage of herself and her cohorts singing along to a song, turning the camera to catch everyone’s happy faces. One face that didn’t look so happy was Alexa. Although everyone else was singing along quite happily, Alexa was sitting in a corner of the boat with her eyes tightly closed. She wasn’t singing, even though she’s a singer, and didn’t even appear to notice that she was being filmed. 

The camera soon moved on to the next person but that brief moment was enough to concern some fans who took to the comment section to question what was going on. “Alexa looks a little seasick, bumpy boat rides do that to me too…” one person wrote. Another asked, “Does Alexa get seasick? Is that why she keeps her eyes closed?” 

What Really Happened?

Seasickness seemed to be the go-to guess for most fans, with another asking if Alexa looked seasick to anyone else before kindly adding, “Saltine crackers or some dry toast usually does the trick.” Some didn’t think there was anything wrong at all with Alexa, with one person observing, “You can tell Alexa grew up boating as she looks completely relaxed- nearly sleeping,” followed by an emoji of a woman meditating. 

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Christie later updated the caption to add, “PS Alexa’s eyes were watering in the wind, lots of pollen in the wind that day.” So it wasn’t seasickness or meditation, or something worse. Just the typical early summer problem of too much pollen on sensitive eyes. Even with the pollen problem, however, Alexa and the rest of the boat’s inhabitants seemed to have a perfectly wonderful day on the water. 

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