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Denzel Washington Finally Reacts To Ellen Pompeo’s Claim That They Fought On Set

Speaking to Variety, Denzel Washington did not recall the interaction with Ellen Pompeo. In the words of the outlet, the actor and director “sidestepped” the question. “No, no,” he said in the interview. With a “slight grin,” he then added, “But it’s all good.” The evasive response appears to have been succinct, as the reporter then moved to the next portion of the interview. 

Unlike Pompeo, other actors have boasted about having positive experiences working with Washington. In 2018, Ethan Hawke told The Ringer, “I worked with him again on ‘The Magnificent Seven’ [in 2016]. I love working with Denzel. I’d love to work with him again. I mean, he’s great at what he does.” He continued by raving about Washington being “on par with Marlon Brando.” 

In 2016, a fellow “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star, Jason George, even spoke about working with Washington. Speaking to ABC, George said, “[H]e shows up and he’s just a funny, great guy and a really great director. And it was reassuring to be like, okay, he puts you at ease, and that was great.” If anything is clear, it’s that at this point, it’s anyone’s guess what exactly went down on set of that particular “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, and if any heated interaction really took place between Washington and Pompeo. 


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