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Denzel Washington’s ‘Collapsing’ Face Sparks Fears For Actor’s Appearance, Gossip Claims

Are Denzel Washington‘s fans fearing for the actor’s health? One tabloid claims the Equalizer star’s face is “collapsing.” Here’s what we know about the actor’s rapidly-changing appearance.

Denzel Washington Suffering From Plastic Surgery Mishap?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports there’s something different about Denzel Washington these days. Apparently, the Oscar-winning actor had a brush with some bad plastic surgery, and his face is paying the price. The outlet notes that Washington’s face is looking much slimmer than usual and even has a small “crater” marring the right side of his face.

A cosmetic surgeon who hasn’t treated Washington tells the tabloid the “depression” looked like “an oddly placed dimple,” but it’s “an unusual place for that dimple to be — and we don’t see it in earlier photos.” Apparently, the surgeon agreed that liposuction-gone-wrong was to blame for the indention. “One of the risks is scarring down to the deeper structures of the face like the muscles and the fat,” the doctor explains. “There ends up being no padding between the skin and the muscles and bone.”

Denzel Washington’s Face ‘Marred’ By Liposuction?

This report was a bit of an overreaction, to say the least. While Washington surely looks different than he did 20 years ago, that’s totally expected. Despite the outlet’s scathing critique of Washington’s appearance, we have absolutely no reason to believe the actor has had some sort of plastic surgery mishap. It’s totally normal for faces to thin out with age, so it’s possible that Washington hasn’t had any work done at all.

But even if Washington did go under the knife, who are we to judge? It’s totally his choice, and it isn’t any of ours or this tabloid’s business. What we do know is Washington looked great at a recent film premiere with Michael B. Jordan. And his portrayal of Macbeth in a recent film adaption of the Shakespearean tragedy is getting rave reviews. Despite the tabloid’s attempts to drag him down, Washington is still making big waves in the film industry.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

This is far from the first time we’ve caught the National Enquirer shaming celebrities for getting plastic surgery. Not long ago, the outlet reported Tom Cruise was “unrecognizable” after a string of cosmetic procedures. Then the magazine alleged Heather Locklear was shocking fans with her appearance after getting work done. And more recently, the magazine reported Leah Remini’s friends were puzzled by her appearance after getting a “ton of cosmetic enhancements.” Obviously, the Enquirer is biased when it comes to commenting on celebrities’ appearances.


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