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Donald Trump Reportedly Included These Controversial People In Oval Office Staff Meetings

According to Slate, while many Fox News hosts and television personalities aren’t the kind of people you’d expect on the White House payroll, it sure seemed like it during Donald Trump’s presidency. Apparently, people like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and even Judge Jeanine Pirro were called the “cable cabinet” of Trump’s White House.

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham even said, “There were times the president would come down the next morning and say, ‘Well, Sean thinks we should do this,’ or, ‘Judge Jeanine thinks we should do this.'” That shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone it was revealed that both Hannity and Laura Ingraham both texted White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the January 6 insurrection to get Trump to make a statement or at least say something to quell the violence that day, per The Washington Post. 

But then again, Trump’s relationship with Fox News stars such as Hannity is no secret, as detailed by The New York Times. That, and Hannity even bought a home close to Trump in Palm Beach. And while there have been reports of Trump supposedly breaking up with Fox over “election fraud falsehoods,” according to the Los Angeles Times, the Trump family’s love connection to Fox is rather deep. Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr. is even engaged to former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Talk about a modern news network love story, right?


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