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Dumped By Camilla Parker Bowles

People have gossiped about Prince Charles his entire life. It seems like the rumors about the royal have only increased in numbers over the last few years — and 2021 was no exception. Now, after fielding dozens of outrageous stories about the Prince of Wales, we’ve chosen our top Prince Charles story of 2021. Let’s check back in on the wild rumor.

Camilla Parker Bowles ‘Dumps’ Prince Charles?

Back in April, New Idea published a shocking report claiming Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were no longer together. Apparently, Bowles broke things off only days after Prince Phillip’s funeral, leaving Charles a grieving mess. The magazine pointed to photos of Charles at the service all by himself, insisting “most would think Camilla… would be very much beside him.”

And the ones to blame were, of course, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. An insider dished, “the Sussexes have sparked something so fundamentally incendiary in this country.” Finally, insiders speculated that if Charles didn’t pull himself together soon, he’d be at risk of being passed over by Prince William.

Prince Charles Headed For Another Divorce?

Unsurprisingly, this story wasn’t true in the slightest. Despite the inflammatory promises it made with the title, insisting Bowles had left Charles for good, the body of the article only points out that Charles and Bowles weren’t seen together at Phillip’s funeral. But strangely enough, the publication couldn’t even get that part right. After a little digging, it wasn’t hard to find photos of Charles and Bowles together at the service. And shortly after the funeral, the couple went to visit a memorial dedicated to Phillip.

But even if there was no direct evidence contradicting the tabloid’s story, the radio silence itself was proof enough. If Charles and Bowles truly did split, there would be no avoiding the news. And yet, no one seemed to know about it aside from this tabloid and its unnamed “insider.” Since months have passed without any other credible reports claiming Charles and Bowles were separated, it’s safe to say there was never any truth to this story.

The Tabloid On Prince Charles

This certainly wasn’t the only ridiculous story New Idea published about Prince Charles this year. Back in October, the tabloid claimed Charles was at war with Prince Harry over their competing TV projects. Then the magazine alleged Charles was frail and struggling with health problems. And more recently, the outlet claimed Charles cryptically told Kate Middleton that she was ready to be queen. Obviously, New Idea isn’t reliable when it comes to the Prince of Wales.


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