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Expert Theorizes Why Alec Baldwin Hasn’t Taken This Step In The Rust Investigation

As Alec Baldwin has yet to hand over his phone to investigators in regards to the “Rust” shooting, experts speculate why Baldwin hasn’t complied.

“There could be incriminating evidence on the phone, or it might be for privacy reasons,” Kevin Kearon, a criminal defense lawyer who was formerly a part of the Nassau District Attorney’s Office, said. “If he deleted text messages or call records then he would face the possibility of criminal contempt,” Kearon said, per the New York Post. “Or if there are personal messages … it’s not shocking that he wouldn’t want them in the public domain.”

Officials are looking for messages, phone calls, photos, videos, and conversations conducted via social media from Baldwin’s phone — that also includes deleted information that has a connection to the “Rust” shooting, per CNN. From Baldwin’s phone, officials are not just looking for information against Baldwin himself, but anyone a part of the movie crew. 

“They’ll be looking for [texts saying] ‘Oh my god, I didn’t check the gun’ or ‘I hired someone who’s not competent’ — anything that’s incriminating or that could shed more light and give more context,” Louis Shapiro, a Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney told the New York Post. While Baldwin has yet to hand over his phone, both experts explained that either way, Baldwin will likely be forced to give his phone to officials to help with the investigation or he could be charged with contempt.


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