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Fans Noticed Something Suspicious About Ariana Grande’s Wedding Photos

Ariana Grande’s wedding photos have sparked a lot of questions from fans, namely: where did her tattoos go? The “Side To Side” singer is famed for her many tattoos and two of her largest, most elaborate inks seemingly disappeared. Eagle-eyed fans quickly picked up on the change and have been mulling over their theories about the mysterious disappearance. 

What Happened To Ariana Grande’s Tattoos?

Fans are on the case of Ariana Grande’s missing tattoos and have already come up with several theories about what happened. Grande recently wed her realtor husband Dalton Gomez in a fairy tale-worthy wedding in Grande’s home that was as intimate as it was beautiful. The singer wore a gorgeous strapless wedding dress that showed off quite a bit of her skin, including some surprisingly bare patches on her left arm that used to house two butterfly tattoos. 

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Fans, in between giving their heartfelt congratulations to the newlywed couple, pondered the missing ink. “Where are her tattoos?” one person tweeted alongside two images, one depicting Grande without the tats on her wedding day and an earlier snapshot of Grande and her then-fiancé with the tattoos. Another fan responded, “It’s makeup, you can still see It! Look closely.” 

While that theory made perfect sense – perhaps Grande wanted as few distractions from her beautiful wedding gown as possible and had covered the tattoos with concealer before taking photos, it seems less likely now. The tattoos were still nowhere to be seen during Grande’s duet with The Weeknd during the recent iHeartRadio Music Awards. The singer’s arms were on full display thanks to her amethyst halter crop-top. This would appear to confirm that Grande has had at least two of her rumored 55 tattoos removed at some point. 

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Slowly Disappearing Before Our Eyes?

Going through her Instagram photos, the tattoos seem to have been slowly fading over time. The last time the butterfly on Grande’s arm was visible was in mid-April, and it was a lot more opaque than it had previously been.

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Not The Only Tattoos That Have Gone AWOL

The butterflies aren’t the only tattoo that’s seemingly gone missing. Grande also had a tattoo of the Pokémon Eevee on her inner forearm that disappeared. Eevee has long held a special place in Grande’s heart, hence the ink that paid the fuzzy, brown creature homage. 

Grande is clearly too busy enjoying life as a newlywed to address the case of her missing tattoos, but since she’s been collecting them like her beloved Pokémon over the years, something tells us those blank spots on her arm won’t remain bare for very long. Or perhaps the singer has turned over a new leaf and tattoos no longer appeal to her. Whatever the case, Grande is obviously living her best life right now.

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