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Fashion You Can Try At Home For Free

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Get ready, ladies and jingle bells: Nordstrom Trunk is here to solve all of your holiday hang-ups this year. (No, really—I mean all of them).  

Don’t have time to get out and shop in person? Nordstrom Trunk. Were you so busy buying presents for everyone else, you forgot to get something for yourself? Nordstrom Trunk. Do you have a friend or family member who’s impossible to shop for? Nordstrom. Trunk. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this new shopping service that will revolutionize your holidays (and shopping) forever.

What Is Nordstrom Trunk?

Simply put, Nordstrom Trunk is an online stylist service. Users can request a trunk, which Nordstrom stylists will fill with apparel, shoes, and accessories. 

Stylists customize each trunk to the user’s exact tastes, sizes, and price range. Nordstrom Trunk is not a subscription service, so there are no hidden monthly fees to drain your bank account. 

Moreover, it’s 100% free to sign up, and you will only pay for the items you keep. So, how does this personal shopper service work?

Breaking Down The Basics

When you first sign up for Nordstrom Trunk, you’ll have to complete a short style quiz. The quiz covers all of the fashion basics and takes about one minute to finish. 

The quiz first asks you to describe your typical style. Provided prompts include androgynous, beachy, vintage-inspired, sophisticated, and more. Next, you clarify any colors, patterns, or materials you don’t like wearing. 

To make sure your trunk is as tailored to you as possible, the quiz asks you to clarify any common styling issues you have. These may include broad shoulders, large busts, short or long arms, torsos, and legs, and more.  

Don’t be spooked by Nordstrom’s couture reputation, either. Nordstrom Trunk allows you to specify at which price range you feel the most comfortable for tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes. 

Requesting A Trunk

Once you’ve completed the short quiz, you can request your first Nordstrom Trunk. After paying a $25 stylist fee (which is applied towards any item you decide to purchase), a stylist will begin assembling your trunk. 

Nordstrom sends a trunk preview to users, who then have 48 hours to review it. You can make edits, leave feedback for the stylists, or confirm the trunk as-is during this time. 

Your trunk is then delivered to your doorstep. After you receive it, you have five days to try on your hand-picked items. Keep what you love, and return what you don’t. You’ll only pay for what you keep. 

As if this wasn’t convenient enough, Nordstrom Trunk offers free exchanges and returns. You also have the option to leave feedback for your style team so they can better customize the next trunk.

All Shop, No Drop

A woman in a store looks at clothing hanging on a rack
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Subscription and mail-order style and beauty services are all the rage right now. What makes Nordstrom Trunk so different? For starters, there is no monthly commitment.

Nordstrom will only send a trunk once you request one. There are no yearly minimums, which means you can request as many (or as few) trunks as you’d like. 

The $25 styling fee pays itself back in saved time, energy, and additional costs (because a trip to the mall also means gas money, food, etc.). And if that wasn’t a good enough deal, the styling fee is applied to your account as a credit. 

Simply put, Nordstrom Trunk has virtually no risk and all reward.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Nordstrom Trunk is an amazing service year-round, but it’s particularly helpful around the holidays. This service clears your schedule so that you can enjoy more time celebrating the season and less time fighting the mall madness. 

Moreover, it’s a perfect solution for hard-to-gift giftees (including yourself). Nordstrom Trunk takes the pressure off of picking out clothes for a loved one. Will they like it? What if they don’t? What if they don’t like it so much it insults them?

Forget all that this year—Nordstrom Trunk takes care of it. And if you’re shopping for yourself, the service works to expand your style horizons and turn you on to new pieces you might not have tried otherwise. 

And if you don’t know where to start, Nordstrom Trunk has a solution for that, too. The store offers a wide range of pre-curated trunks, including a foundational Starter Trunk and festive Dressing Trunk. 

Move over, Santa. Nordstrom Trunk has come to town and already sleighed the day.   

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