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Garth Brooks’ ‘Death Sentence,’ Reba McEntire ‘Losing Her Marbles,’ And This Week’s Celeb Stories

It’s hard to believe that it’s already June, but we’ve heard enough celebrity gossip for the entire year already. Between real-life scandals and tabloid whispers, Yostrive has had our hands full. Here’s what’s happened this past week.

John Legend in a blue suit with Chrissy Teigen in a green dress

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen’s Marriage ‘On The Ropes’ During ‘Hardest Time Of Their Lives’ Amid Bullying Accusations?

Chrissy Teigen’s fall from beloved source of social media snark to reviled bully came as a surprise to some, and according to this report, no one was more surprised than her husband, John Legend. This is what we found when we checked in on the couple.

Al Pacino in a black outfit and glasses
(Patryk Kosmider/

Al Pacino’s Kids Fear His ‘End Is Near’?

Pacino’s health came into question after a tumble at an awards ceremony, and according to sources, his children are worried that there isn’t much time left for the 81-year-old actor. We investigated the report here.

close up of Jennifer Garner in a pink dress

Jennifer Garner Has Reportedly Banned Jennifer Lopez From Meeting Ben Affleck’s Kids

“Jen finds the whole situation troubling and sad because she knows how vulnerable and lost Ben must be right now,” a source tells the National Enquirer. “His behavior is seriously off, but what can she do? He’s going through with this no matter what people think, but it will never have her approval.” Here’s what’s going on between the three stars.

Whoopi Goldberg in a white and black outfit
(Ron Adar/

Whoopi Goldberg Latest Host Of ‘The View’ In Hot Water Over Sleeping On The Set?

The View can’t seem to stop generating negative headlines, and Whoopi Goldberg is reportedly the latest one to cause trouble for the program after seeming to snooze in the middle of a discussion. “Falling asleep on-camera isn’t a good look even if she meant it as a joke, and everyone [is] sick of the lazy attitude,” an insider says. We looked into the report here.

Prince Charles in sunglasses and a suit
(Mircea Rosca/

Prince Charles Went ‘Ballistic’ After Queen Elizabeth Named Prince William The Next King?

Both Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are infuriated after learning that they’d been passed over for the throne for the much younger and much more popular Prince William and Kate Middleton. “The queen doesn’t dislike Camilla, but Kate has always been her favorite,” a palace source says. Here’s the latest on the royal family’s woes.

Reba McEntire smiling in a black dress
(Debby Wong/

Report: Reba McEntire ‘Losing Her Marbles’ Due To Age

After turning 66 earlier this year, Reba McEntire’s apparently had a few struggles keeping her mind right. “She’s as talented as they come, but years of multitasking have turned her into a full-fledged scatterbrain, and it’s only gotten worse with age,” a source explains. We checked on the country legend and reported our findings here.

Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood smiling together at an awards ceremony
(Kathy Hutchins/

Garth Brooks Headed For ‘Death Sentence’ After Constant Yo-Yo Dieting?

Garth Brooks’ weight has fluctuated wildly the past few years, and one outlet says that he’s headed down a bad path if the pattern keeps up. “Friends fear his 25-year roller-coaster ride with yo-yo dieting has put a killer strain on his ticker,” the report reveals. Here’s the latest on Brooks.

Sandra Bullock in multicolored outfit

Sandra Bullock ‘Blindsided’ By Breakup Over Adopting A Third Child?

Sandra Bullock’s passion for adoption isn’t a secret, but it apparently is causing quite a few problems for her relationship. “Sandra’s been in a really bad way since Bryan threatened to walk out last month, following what she described as the ‘row to end all rows’ over her third adoption,” an insider says. We looked into the situation here.


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