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Gary Neville: Stop postponing Premier League matches, get on with it!

With 16 Premier League matches having been called off this December as a result of COVID-19, Gary Neville has called for those in charge of England’s top division to be stricter when considering cancelling games.

His criticism follows the latest postponement, with Everton vs Newcastle called off in part because of injuries in the Magpies’ squad, as well as a number of coronavirus cases.

“The [Premier League and English Football League], in particular, have got to stop these cancellations unless in exceptional circumstances,” the pundit started.

“Each club has 40 to 50 players including youth team as a minimum.

“If it’s the Carabao Cup or EFL trophy they find a team without fielding the first 11. Get on with it.”

The full list of Premier League postponements so far:

  • Brighton vs Tottenham
  • Brentford vs Manchester United
  • Burnley vs Watford
  • Leicester vs Tottenham
  • Aston Villa vs Burnley
  • Manchester United vs Brighton
  • Southampton vs Brentford
  • Watford vs Crystal Palace
  • West Ham vs Norwich
  • Everton vs Leicester
  • Burnley vs Everton
  • Liverpool vs Leeds
  • Wolves vs Watford
  • Arsenal vs Wolves
  • Leeds vs Aston Villa
  • Everton vs Newcastle


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