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Golden Globes Bounce Back With Live Televised Ceremony Return for 2023 – Yostrive

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is emerging from its scandal-driven flop era. Last year, when NBC refused to broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes, the awards ceremony took shape on social media, where graphics were shared on Twitter to announce the night’s winners. Now, the network has agreed to help the Golden Globes get back on track by televising the 2023 ceremony. It will air on Jan. 10, and will simultaneously livestream via the network’s Peacock.

“We recognize the HFPA’s commitment to ongoing change and look forward to welcoming back the Golden Globes to NBC for its exciting 80th Anniversary in January 2023,” said Frances Berwick, Chairman, Entertainment Networks.

But the return is on a trial-basis, for now. The HFPA has entered into a one-year agreement with NBC with an opportunity to explore more consistent options across platforms in the future.

Nominations for the 2022 Golden Globes will be announced on Monday, Dec. 12 with the ceremony airing on Tuesday, Jan. 10. But it’s going to take more than mid-week awards show television glamor to repair the lasting damages to the show’s reputation.

In addition to NBC not broadcasting the 2022 Golden Globes, several networks and streaming services severed ties with the HFPA indefinitely. When a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed a striking lack of Black members among the voting board, in addition to accusations of members accepting bribes in one form or another, the organization faced extensive backlash for its lack of diversity.

When the 2022 nominations were announced, Hollywood remained mostly silent in response. Tom Cruise even returned all three of the Golden Globes he had won over the course of his career in protest.

“It’s great to be back at the Beverly Hilton for the must-see celebration recognizing the best in film and television,” said Helen Hoehne, President of the HFPA. “The HFPA remains committed to important changes and supporting programs which prioritize diversity, inclusion, and transparency.”

The HFPA made an attempt at patching up their problems from the inside, too, with the addition of 103 new voters. International-based voters were included for the first time in a push for diversity that welcomed new members from 62 countries including, as a release highlights, Ghana, Niger, and Nigeria.

Still, the Golden Globes voting body remains only 19.5 percent Latinx, 12 percent Asian, 10 percent Black, and 10 percent Middle Eastern.


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