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How Derek Jeter Got His Nicknames

You may have heard Derek Jeter referred to as Mr. November, but do you know how he got that nickname? Back in 2001, the baseball star was playing in game four of the World Series, per SportsCasting. His team, the New York Yankees, were facing off against the Arizona Diamondbacks, with the score tied up at the bottom of the 10th (yes, 10th) inning when Jeter hit a momentous home run to win the game.

“When I first hit it, I had no idea whether it was going to go out, but once it goes out, it’s a pretty special feeling,” Jeter apparently said that same night, according to MLB. “I’ve never hit a walk-off home run before, so it was a special experience.” Fans agreed, which is why he was honored with the name Mr. November.

But wait! There may be something slightly off about that name. That’s because, as SportsCasting points out, the game that brought about the moniker was actually in October — or at least it started in October. The game began on October 31, but ended up going past midnight, marking the first time the MLB had ever played in November, as the World Series was delayed one week due to 9/11. The clock had passed midnight when Jeter hit his home run, so it was apt for the scoreboard to flash “Mr. November.” Since fellow Yankees legend Reggie Jackson was already Mr. October, Mr. November became Jeter’s nickname. Or, at least, one of his nicknames.


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