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How Did Bob Saget Really Feel About Being On The Masked Singer?

After his unmasking on “The Masked Singer,” Bob Saget spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his time on the show as Squiggly Monster. “I don’t accept Squiggly being rejected. I want the Zoom audience of Masked Singer to revote because this is unfair. It’s a fraud,” he joked. “Actually, I wish our democratic system had been as amazing as the dignity that Masked Singer has, how strong and careful they are about everything.”

Saget’s appearance on “The Masked Singer” may have been shorter than expected, but it was still a “fun experience” for him. “I didn’t want to get my head taken off that early though,” he mentioned. As for choosing to be Squiggly Monster, Saget insisted there was no better costume for him. “They showed a couple other different renderings to me, and there was just no question, because I looked at it and I laughed out loud,” he explained. “That’s usually the key. It’s a joyous-looking thing. It’s something that a kid would want to pick up, with all the eyes that look like those little three-eyed guys in Toy Story,” he added.

Saget continued: “The only thing I wanted [to change] was I wanted the eyes to twirl. I wanted all the little pupils to be able to move around.” After being booted off during the second week, the “Raising Dad” actor admitted he wanted to come back.


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