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How To Impress A Boyfriend In Bed

Every woman wants to be good in bed but doesn’t always know how to do that. This article will teach you how to impress a boyfriend in bed and blow his mind!

Trust me, every woman can easily learn how to impress a boyfriend in bed. It’s true that some people are just naturally amazing in the bedroom, but there are always plenty of ways to improve your performance under the covers and really impress your partner.

Regardless of age, creed, ethnicity, or any other characteristics, sex is sex and being good at it is partly skill. Gaining the skills and learning how to impress a boyfriend in bed will set you well above any plain Jane from his past.

Exercising regularly helps a lot

There are a few things that are obviously important if you want to know how to impress a boyfriend in bed. First of all, exercise. Not just because it will shape up your body, but because it will increase your sexual energy. If you work out regularly, you’ll have more intense sex, and that’s the goal you should be trying to achieve if you want to really impress him.

Exercising releases endorphins, which increases your vitality and makes you a more sexual being. Endorphins are a potent hormone that helps deal with stress and contributes to wellbeing. With the endorphins from working out, you can enjoy sex more and that enjoyment will carry on to your boyfriend.

You’ll also have more endurance if you exercise. That means you can enjoy longer sessions and allow him to do that as well. You can improve your agility and flexibility with certain exercises. Staying fit should always be a priority if you want to be your best under the sheets.

Experience matters

When I say experience, I don’t mean with a high number of people, because that shouldn’t necessarily matter. I mean experience with trying new things or new techniques.

How much you did it in the past with your previous partner doesn’t matter a whole lot if all you did was the same position all the time in the same setting with the same moves. Using a variety of techniques will give your partner a chance to find something they go crazy for that you can do.

It just so happens that we as humans learn from imitating others. People who have had a lot of partners tend to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with your own techniques through trial and error. You can also find a lot of great tips on the internet for intercourse and oral sex.


How To Impress A Boyfriend In Bed

Fetishes can be strange, but being different could be an amazing plus in his eyes. It doesn’t have to be something weird per se, but distinguishing yourself from the field through some kind of unusual quality might really work for gaining his undivided attention. It also might totally scare him away, but that’s the risk associated with fetishes.

Emotional connection

Last but certainly not least, the way you feel with each other will determine how good the sex is to a large degree. Their appearance might not matter at all to you if you are in love with them or feel drawn to them in a really strong way.

Emotional connection alone can make sex amazing, but the key is to take that attraction and intensify it through the techniques discussed in this article.

There are a lot of factors at play that determine how much your boyfriend enjoys the sex you have with him. Some of them you can’t control, but for the ones that you can control, these tips will help you to convince him that you are a great catch in all categories, especially sex.

Willingness to go with the flow

Obviously doing what your partner really likes will get their attention. Sometimes it’s really as simple as that. Some guys aren’t too fussy and they just want to do a few certain things more than anything else and as long as they can do that with you, they will always be satisfied.

Other guys have unique desires that need to be fulfilled in a very particular way. Generally, though, you’re dealing with a very simple creature. He’s a guy. Do exactly what he likes and he will probably be very happy.

Enthusiasm wins

How To Impress A Boyfriend In Bed

A lackluster attitude toward anything that he really enjoys is a bad thing. Most girls aren’t afraid to let the guy know if they hate doing something. That’s totally fine and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but you may be leaving needs unfulfilled.

For example, if you don’t like giving oral sex, don’t sigh and act like you dread doing it under the circumstances. That will diminish the experience for him and you risk putting yourself in the category of someone who is selfish in the bedroom.

My suggestion is that if you really hate doing it, maybe use it as your own personal reward for him when you want to make him feel special. By no means does this imply to use it to manipulate him in any way.

He might take that very seriously and for a while, it might work, but those are the kind of things that add up in the long run. He would not appreciate ever being deliberately punished by taking sex out of the picture for any period of time.

Be mindful that if you remove sex from the picture for an extended period of time, you risk permanently losing your boyfriend no matter how long you’ve already been together with him. In any case, at least if you demonstrate to him that he deserves whatever it is you don’t like doing sometimes he will appreciate it.

A generally positive attitude toward sex and a desire to do it with him often will impress him. Doing it with true enthusiasm will also impress him. He wants you to enjoy it as well. He wants to drive you wild too, so go all out if you want.

Kegel exercises

If you have never heard of Kegels before, they are a way to exercise your genitalia. Strengthening the muscles in your vagina through Kegel exercises has been shown to result in improved performance and more powerful orgasms.

Squeeze the muscles you use to stop urinating for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds. Only the muscles used for stopping urination should be tightened, nothing else including your thigh and stomach muscles.

Repeat the exercise 10-20 times. Try to do it every day, several times a day. Gradually increase the number of seconds you flex for over time to stimulate muscle toning.

It will take some time to feel the results, but eventually, you will definitely notice a difference, and so will your boyfriend.

Try new things

How To Impress A Boyfriend In Bed

Guys love being surprised with anything sexual. Just trying random ideas and seeing what happens is a great way to keep him interested. If you read an idea in a women’s magazine or online somewhere that sounds totally weird and ridiculous, skip that one.

Find things that you also want to try or at least are willing to without feeling embarrassed. It’s great to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes, but you don’t have to venture too far to find something that he might really enjoy.

Who knows, you might help him discover something that he never knew he was into. That would undoubtedly be exciting for him and ultimately memorable.


Think about this: What would impress you in bed? What could a guy, namely your boyfriend, do to really impress you? Whatever your answer is, try to discover why this would impress you. Does it fulfill some kind of secret desire that you wouldn’t ever expect from him?

Whatever the reason is, the principle should be the same when you apply it to the problem of figuring out how to impress him. Discovering exactly what it is might take some groundwork, but if you’re determined then eventually you will figure it out and you will drive him wild every time.

Do you still feel like you unable to impress a boyfriend in bed? Do you need more ideas to make him obsessed with you and your sex skills? I highly recommend you to check out this cool book that will teach you a naughty erotic secret about men that even the nicest, shyest, most innocent woman can master.


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