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How To Master The Art Of Erotic Texting

Erotic texting can spice up your sex life in ways you could not imagine. Read our guide to find out how to become an erotic texter and blow your man’s mind.

Many women ponder how to become an erotic texter. It would seem that the idea of sending sexy, erotic texts can be hard to grasp, come to terms with, and actually do. Once women wrap their mind around the idea of actually sending detailed, explicit, sexy, erotic, and steamy text messages, it then leaves a big question – how to do it without sounding awkward?

Don’t be afraid Queens, it’s okay to need help with this as it can be quite tricky. However, once you read our guide on how to become an erotic texter, you will be a true pro at this and will be ready to send your man a text that will make him sweat.

Read on to learn how to become an erotic texter!

What will this do for you?

By sending your man sexy texts, you will be able to spice up your love life by painting a vivid picture in his head that will make him want you in ways he never has before. Due to erotic and sexy texts having a fresh, thrilling, young, enticing, exciting, and risky feeling to it, it will not only add to your love life, but it will also make it become so much more passionate and exciting.

Becoming an erotic texter will recreate the intimacy you both once had together, and it will create a heated, sexy, passion that will ignite your love life in a new and better way.

Erotic texting ideas for beginners

There is a fine line to not cross at the beginning of a relationship. As much as being an erotic texter may sound like it can make the beginning of a new relationship even better. It can actually quickly break it.

Since it is the beginning of the relationship, go slow and easy with the erotic and sexy texts. It is important to not over do it with these texts as you may look desperate, too easy, or sex obsessed. On top of that, the man you are newly dating may start to feel uncomfortable or even unsure of the relationship.

The good thing is, a new relationship already has a sexy lure that comes with it due to everything being fresh, new, and exciting. You’ll find that there will already be lots of sexual tension, but if you want to play on that and add to it slightly, there are some erotic and sexy texts you can do.

You can always text him saying

• I loved seeing you in ____ (a piece of clothing he wore the other day. For this you can easily say, that shirt, those jeans, or in your boxers/briefs).
• Would you prefer if I wore a short, tight skirt tonight, or skinny jeans?
• Last night I had the craziest dream, and you were in it 😉
• Can’t stop thinking about you 😉
• Can’t wait to see you tonight. If you play your cards right, I have a few surprises for you.

Just remember to be subtle with a sexy edge to these texts because it is a new relationship.

Erotic text ideas for long term relationships

If you want to add some much-needed heat to your relationship, then becoming an erotic texter is a very good way to do so. Typically, in most relationships that are long term, the sex and loving feelings are not as hot and frequent as they used to be. This is normal, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Just because your sex life isn’t as exciting, heated, and awesome as it used to be, it doesn’t mean you can’t revive it and make it as thrilling and wild as it used to be.

You can easily spice up your sex life by sending your man these sexy texts

sexy woman in lingerie texting via phone

• I have a surprise for you tonight, join me in ____ (any sexy location for the two of you to get in on in. This can be the bathtub, shower, on the pool table, or in bed) as soon as you get home.
• I don’t like being stuck at work/school. I’d rather be ____ (favorite sexual thing you do to him)
• If I could only wear three pieces of clothes tonight, what would you want those to be?
• Just laid in bed for the past 30 minutes thinking of what I want to do to you tonight 😉
• I want to try _____ (a really exciting and fun looking sexual position that you would both love) tonight.
• I’m really turned on, I want you to ____ (whatever sexual act you want him to do to you) to me, and I want to (a sexual act you want to do to him) to you tonight.
• Would you rather do (a sex potion) tonight, or try doing (another sex potion) tonight?
• I miss your hands being all over me.
• I miss what you do to me with your amazing mouth, including your teeth and tongue.
• I’m going to make you scream my name tonight!

Since the two of you have been together for a long time, go ahead and send him a very erotic and sexy text. Give him something that will make him hard, and excited to rush home to see you.

Give him a play by play

The suggestions for erotic and sexy texts mentioned above are great to give your man just a taste. Those texts are one liners that will give him an erection, and allow his imagination to run wild. They will also make him long for you.

However, another type of erotic texting is to give him a play by play. For this type of erotic text, you would tell him everything you plan on doing to him, step by step. You can also give him a play by play of everything you want him to do to you as well. If you were to send your man this type of erotic text, he would not only have a raging erection, but he would also be dying to get home and pleasure you in ways he never has before.

A great example of a play by play that you could send to your man would be this:

Tonight when you come home I’m going to kiss you passionately as I push you against the door. After a few moments of this, I’m going to grab your tie and make you follow me as I take you to the bedroom. As you sit on the bed I will untie your tie, unbutton your shirt and push you on the bed so you are lying down. As I do this I’ll be kissing you and trailing kisses along your jaw, down to your neck, chest, stomach, and I will be leaving marks all over you. Once I hit your belt I’m going to undue it, pull your pants and briefs down and I am going to pull your amazing **** out and start with one long lick. Then. I’m going to start sucking and bobbing my head slowly, then I’ll speed up, and make you *** in my mouth.

Of course, you will have to change this up, and personalize it to whatever you and your man love doing. However, the point is, if you tell your man everything you are going to do to him in the form of an erotic text, he will be ready to go right then and there when he reads it.

Mistakes you should not make

You may be very eager to send your man plenty of erotic texts. However, make sure you send them occasionally and in moderation. You do not want these to lose their touch due to them becoming expected and regular. If it becomes that, then it will not spice up your sex life.

Timing is everything. If you send these to your man when he is stressed with an oncoming deadline, or with family issues. It will not work and will actually cause some issues. You have to make sure that each erotic text is not only tailor made to suit you and your partner but is also being sent at the right time.

Lastly, when you send him an erotic text, you must deliver. If you just send it but don’t actually do what you said you were going to do, then these text messages will mean nothing to him and will make your sex life horrible.

Now that you have read YouQueens guide on how to be an erotic texter, you are ready to spice up your sex life and wow your man with these tips and tricks. If you can think of anything else to add, then feel free to share!


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