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Instantly Hide Balding Or Thin Patches With This Genius Trick

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Whether due to genetics, environmental stressors, or simply aging, thinning locks can be an unfortunate part of life for many. There are a number of treatments and products on the market to combat this issue, ranging from cheap, quick fixes to expensive, lengthy procedures. Choosing the right plan is a deeply personal decision and is largely related to the cause and extent of hair loss.

For those look for something affordable and instant to get through the day, we have the perfect solution for you.

Get Coverage In Seconds

We know, there are a lot of ‘quick fixes’ out there for hair loss, so being skeptical is only natural, if not healthy. There are so many ‘too good to be true’ promises, and the fact remains that based on the cause of hair loss, most long-term treatment plans start in a doctor’s office.

That said, there are some impressive products on the market that offer instant coverage to help disguise balding or patchy spots.

Recently, we stumbled across a TikTok video from user @newmaninewmewithjess that has racked up thousands of likes and comments. With the video, @newmaninewmewithjess posted: “I discovered this trick years ago to help hide my scalp due to postpartum hair loss.” Alright, we bite.

In the video, @newmaninewmewithjess showed the camera a view of the top of her head, showcasing some thinning spots along her part line. Over a soundtrack of “how would they know bad girls club” by Chris Gleason, @newmaninewmewithjess then shows the camera a bottle of dry shampoo.

We know what you’re thinking: dry shampoo? Isn’t that just used to absorb excess oil? Traditionally, yes, which is why we were amazed as the video played on.

After a quick shake, @newmaninewmewithjess geneously sprays her scalp with dry shampoo, focusing on her part line. She then tilts the top of her head back to the camera, revealing zero thin spots. Don’t believe us? Check out the video for yourself:

The Trick Is In The Product

The key to his hack is the kind of dry shampoo used. Most formulas aren’t colored, since the intended goal is fresher hair between washes. Yet Batiste dry shampoo has created unique formulas with a slight tint to combat the white residue sometimes left behind with other brands. @newmaninewmewithjess discovered that the tint from this product is just enough to cover her thinning spots while also getting all the normal benefits of dry shampoo.

To try this at home, Batiste has formulas for dark hair, brunette hair, and even blondes.

The formulas are volumizing for thin hair and they also perfectly cover up any patchy spots or thinning areas, like the TikTok video shows. Collagen-boosting and refreshing, these dry shampoos are easy to use. Plus, they smell great. Hints of bergamot, white peach, and vanilla bean will give your locks a refreshing scent. Just shake, spray, massage in, and style your hair as usual. You’ll be back to that luscious, voluminous, clean-looking hair that you’ve been missing.

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