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Kate Hudson’s Son Just Turned 18 And Looks Just Like His Famous Father

Kate Hudson just posted a picture of her grown-up son Ryder on Instagram, and he looks just like his famous dad, Chris Robinson, who is the lead singer of the band the Black Crowes. Though the couple may not be together anymore, they clearly love their child regardless, and he really looks like the mini-me version of his pops. The love Hudson declares for her son on the platform is genuinely sweet to see.

Kate Hudson Celebrates Her Son’s Big Day

Eighteen years ago, when Hudson was still with Robinson, they welcomed a baby boy named Ryder. Though the couple has since split, the love they share for their child has remained in full gear despite the divorce. Now, with Ryder turning the big one-eight, Hudson decided to post a throwback clip of Ryder edited together to show him growing up before our eyes.

The first thing you will notice in the video is how the family seems like they are always doing something that looks like fun or seeing some incredible sights. The other thing you will notice is just how normal everything else appears.

Being raised in Hollywood can be tough for kids and young adults. Ryder clearly seems normal and adjusted and loved, which puts him in a great place to continue to grow.

All Grown Up

Kate Hudson is clearly incredibly proud of her son, who he has become, and who he has yet to become. When surrounded by money and fame, it can be really easy to grow into some sort of rebellious troubled child, but Ryder didn’t subscribe to that way of living. And the end result of that is that the world is his oyster.

On a funny side note, Hudson is quick to point out in the post that now that her son is officially 18, his life is his responsibility and out of her hands. While she is obviously be playful, there is real truth to that statement as well. Basically, this is the elite couple version of dropping your baby bird out of the nest and just praying it flies. Fortunately, it seems like Ryder will be flying just fine from here on out thanks to his parents.


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