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Kate Middleton Once Kept Prince William From Getting A Ridiculous Tattoo

Take a moment to imagine Prince William with a massive, full back tattoo, because apparently, he was thinking about getting one “just like David Beckham”, but was talked out of it by his then-girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Though it seems the prince may have just been having a laugh, it still conjures up some pretty insane imagery that, if nothing else, is worth a chuckle.

Tat-too Much?

It was while Prince William was serving in the Royal Navy when he took notice of all the other sailors on board who were donning ink. He seemed to be inquiring what their particular tattoos meant to them and why they got them. Though we cannot be sure how serious he was being about actually getting work done on himself, his interest in the other’s tattoos was very much genuine.

Some people on board noted that he was asking a lot of tattoo-related questions, which led to one of the people on board asking the Prince if he wanted a tattoo. The prince mentioned in passing that he wouldn’t mind having a full-back tattoo like David Beckham. He was also very quick to point out that Kate Middleton wouldn’t be too pleased if he went through with it. He wouldn’t be the first man talked out of a drastic tattoo by the woman in his life.

Saved by the Duchess

While the prince may have been kidding, it is surreal to imagine him removing his shirt only to reveal a massive portrait of the queen between his shoulder blades, or something similarly British and royal. Though there are probably rules in place against those sort of things for the royal family, it is still a delightfully surreal thing to picture. At the end of the day, the now-married couple remains un-inked for the time being, as far as we know.

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