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Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker Spark Marriage Rumors

Did Kendall Jenner finally tie the knot? Fans are speculating that she and NBA star Devin Booker got hitched over the holidays after spying a ring on that finger in a recent Instagram post. 

The Photo That’s Sparking Marriage Rumors

The reality star posted a series of photos on Instagram of her New Year’s Eve weekend, including one with her boyfriend, Booker. The shots include pictures of the couple enjoying some quiet time in the mountains, drinking wine, and relaxing in front of a fire. In a mirror selfie with Booker, eagle-eyed fans spotted a gold band on the basketball player’s left-hand ring finger. Scroll to see the photo in question

“Anyone else notice the ring on his hand ????????” one user wrote in the comments, while another said, “I can’t get passed [sic] the ring on his finger!!!! Cute couple.” Marriage isn’t the only thing followers had on their mind. Many comments said they were expecting a pregnancy announcement from the model. “Not me thinking she was pregnant..” one person commented. Another laughed, “She really said not pregnant.” 

While Booker is wearing a ring in the pictures, it’s pretty safe to say that the couple is not married. The NBA star might have a ring on, but Jenner doesn’t, nixing any rumors of a secret marriage. While some argue that the subtle ring picture might just be the couple’s way of secretly flaunting their nuptials, wouldn’t Jenner also have a gold band on her finger? 

The Couple’s Relationship

Booker and Jenner were first linked in April of 2020, and the two have shared plenty of photos of each other online. An alleged source previously told OK! Magazine that making things Insta-official was a “rare move” for the model, “but she wants people to know she’s serious about this guy.” While the couple didn’t get to spend the holidays together, they have seen a lot of each other over the past year, going on vacations and celebrating their birthdays together. 

While the couple appears to be serious – Jenner talked about wanting kids “soon” during a recent episode of her family’s reality show – they’re also not rushing into anything. Jenner “likes to have her own personal time and spend time with her family,” a source said. “She also has a lot on her plate when it comes to work and her modeling gigs. She likes staying busy and not feeling like she has to give herself or make herself available to Devin all the time.” It’s safe to say they aren’t married, despite the ring.


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