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Khloe Kardashian’s Daughter True Has A New Adorable Pet, But What’s That In The Background?

True Kardashian has a new kitty cat that her mom, Khloe, got her, and both her and her new pet look very happy in each other’s arms. They even have matching accessories, with True rocking a pink watch and the cat rocking a pink collar. But if you gaze into the pic long enough, something very strange happens. It seems that Khloe herself is hiding in the background of this pic, but not in the way one would assume.

Kitty Kardashian

Anytime a child gets a new pet, it is a huge moment for them. Heck, anytime anyone gets a new pet, it’s a huge moment for them. This particular cat is gray with sparkling blue eyes and looks like a little furry angel. Some people in the comments are even pointing out how it looks like the kitty is smiling right along with True.

But once you look in the background of this snap, it hits you. Something is off. Something doesn’t feel right. Someone is watching us, and we can feel it. Hint for those still lost: Look at the toys in the background.

Mom’s Always Watching

So apparently, Khloe (or some other Kardashian) has made a giant plushie of herself and placed it into True’s playroom, behind her, to always watch over her. The photo used for the pillow even looks to be Khloe modeling one of her clothing brand’s jumpsuits. Not going to lie, this is kind of brilliant. Want to keep your kid in line but aren’t always there to do it? Get a pillow of yourself and put it in their room. As soon as the kid is thinking about doing something out of line, they look up and second guess it.

Honestly, we really think Khloe is on to something here, so we’re taking the rest of the day off the get plushies of ourselves to put in our kids’ rooms. Worse comes to worst, it gets ignored. If it does work, you scare your kid into never acting up. So you see, no matter what, someone wins in that equation.


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