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KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Celebrates All Body Types & Self Love

Unpacking from a family vacation, Kristen Louelle, a model walking in Miami Swim Week and a Sports Illustrated Swim Search Contestant, picked up the phone to speak to me about her latest swim endeavours. 

With a smile I could hear through the phone, she told me all about her confidence-inducing collab with Beach Babe Swimwear, KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Swimwear. And as a woman who has struggled with two pieces, weight gain and self love myself, I was all ears for this upcoming launch.  

Feeling Confident No Matter Your Age Or Size

“I never felt good in a bikini,” the model opened up with. “I finally got in the best shape of my life, and then I was pregnant. I gained 60 pounds, and then I lost it. And then I had another child, and I gained [another] 60 pounds.”

While trying to make amends with her fluctuating weight, Louelle found herself in the middle of her first Sports Illustrated Swim Search Competition a few years ago. During the competition, she had to walk the runway in a bikini postpartum.    

“That really forced me to say, ‘All right. We’re gonna rock this,’” said the 32-year-old. “That was the pivotal moment that transformed my confidence, and I want other women to feel that same confidence no matter where they’re at in their life and [with] their bodies.” 

The mom of two explained her journey of self love as a “roller coaster,” and while it’s been a hectic ride, it’s this experience that gave her the inspiration for her new collab.

Image of KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Swimwear swimsuits.

“Whether you’re 14 and getting your period, you’re middle aged having a child or 60 hitting menopause, we’re constantly faced with these new chapters of [body] acceptance as women,” said Louelle. “But once I found self acceptance, it felt freeing, and I want other women to feel that.”

Through this passionate epiphany, Louelle is using her new swimwear collection to make women feel sexy, no matter their age or size. 

The suits don’t only feature striking ’90s inspired designs and names, but they’re intentionally crafted with stretchy fabric to adjust with various body types. As Louelle puts it, “[women’s] bodies are ever changing,” and we need a suit that adjusts with it. 

Those side-pinching and too-tight-for-comfort styles are a thing of the past. 

Having A Great Suit That Won’t Break The Bank

While a move-with-you suit designed to make you feel confident sounded amazing, it seemed too good to be true. Afterall, swimwear fashion boutiques usually charge well above my budget. But Louelle shared that affordability was key when creating her line.


“I hate going online and [buying] a $10 swimsuit where you have no idea what you’re going to get, or you get something you know [will be] cute, but the next thing you know…  it’s $300,” said the Sports Illustrated model.

That’s why Louelle made it a top priority to offer versatile swim pieces at affordable price points. So don’t mind me if I just add every cute option to my cart.

Styling With Endless Color Combinations 

Beyond the stellar price point, Louelle intentionally designed each piece in the collection to mix and match with one another. This way, the buyer gets more for their buck.

“I made the line very simple,” said Louelle. “All the colors complement each other so you can mix and match. [This way,] girls get more suits for the same price of one.”

With so many styles and color combinations, I had to ask what Louelle’s favorite was. She gave the award to her pink and white one piece. And to further the versatility of the suit, she doubles it up as a bodysuit and pairs it with some Levi’s and Converse. 

Image of Kristen Louelle in one of her KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Swimwear swimsuits.
(Kristen Louelle/V. Sams)

Having A Designer Who Gets It

And as if we needed more convincing to quickly jump onto on July 12, Louelle gets us. Afterall, who doesn’t want to purchase a swimmie from a designer who understands normal, womanly bodies?

“We only see six feet and 120 pounds – that’s not normal. That doesn’t represent the 90% of women who have cellulite,” said the 5’6″ entrepreneur. “We need to see more stretch marks and more cellulite. More love handles and more skin discoloration. We have to normalize normal bodies.”

Whilst holding this point of view, the mom and wife is using her platform to give women the inspiration they need to continue chasing after life.

“You don’t shrivel up and die just because you’re a wife, or just because you have a kid or because you are a mother,” said Louelle. “You can still find opportunity, find your own hobbies and find your own path outside of the household, outside of motherhood, outside of being a wife.” 

Image of women modeling KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Swimwear swimsuits.

Through KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Swimwear, Louelle is making women feel confident and beautiful by normalizing the various bodies women poses, something we need to see more of in today’s world.

KRISTEN LOUELLE x Beach Babe Swimwear drops July 12 on and will be available for shoppers to add to their carts at 9 a.m. PST.

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