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Michelle Threatening $175 Million Divorce

Despite leaving the White House in 2017, the Obamas are still one of the most talked-about families in the United States. We’ve covered countless tabloid stories about the former first family, and 2021 was quite a year for rumors about the Obamas. Now, after combing through the gossip, we found our top Barack Obama story of 2021. Let’s take another look at the wild tale.

Michelle Obama Serves Barack With An Ultimatum?

Back in February, the National Enquirer reported Michelle Obama “slapped hubby Barack with an ultimatum: Clean up your act — or face a $175 million divorce!” An insider explained that the Obamas’ marriage was on thin ice, and it was up to Barack to mend it.

“Right now, the marriage is hanging by a thread,” the tipster dished. “Despite their loving appearances before the cameras, they’ve had knock-down, drag-out fights.” According to the report, the Obamas were at each other’s throats over finances — specifically over Michelle’s lavish lifestyle.

“Michelle thinks arguments over her spending are ludicrous because she can more than support herself,” the insider scoffed. “Now she’s warned Barack that her lawyers will see to it he loses a lot more in divorce court than she could ever spend in a lifetime.”

Michelle also allegedly told her husband that if he “doesn’t up his game, she’s done for good!” The article concluded by saying, “He may have once been the most powerful man the world, but now Michelle wants her moment in the sun – and if Barack doesn’t completely change his ways, she’ll leave him in the dust!”

Barack Obama Begged Michelle To Stop Burning Money?

This report was wrong on a few fronts. First of all, Michelle’s memoir Becoming had been a top seller for three years, so it was ludicrous to suggest money was suddenly a point of tension for her and Barack. The magazine also cited a birthday message Barack posted for Michelle as evidence that he’s trying to change his ways. But there hasn’t been a year since the couple joined social media that he didn’t tweet his wife a “happy birthday.”

And lastly, the outlet notes that Barack made an effort to hold Michelle’s hand at Biden’s inauguration as further proof that he’s putting in the work. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a single public event the Obamas attended together where they didn’t show some subtle sign of affection.

All of the magazine’s evidence fell short of actually supporting its story, so there was absolutely no reason to take it seriously. And since there have been no more credible reports of divorce ultimatums for the Obamas, it’s safe to say that it was all just mindless gossip.

While this was certainly the most outrageous story about the former president this year, the National Enquirer gave us plenty of others to choose from. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Michelle was getting a “$1 million makeover” to save their marriage.

Then the magazine alleged Barack had turned his back on his former allies by breaking Biden’s pandemic rules. And most recently, the publication reported Michelle “bullied” Barack into seeking therapy. Clearly, the Enquirer isn’t reliable when it comes to Barack or anyone in the Obama family for that matter.


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