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Miley Cyrus Gives Fans Cheeky Peek At Curves In Tiny Thong Bodysuit

Miley Cyrus knows how to get attention and she’s not shy about flaunting her scantily clad figure in order to get it. Cyrus posted a very suggestive video of herself wearing a black thong bodysuit that left very little to the imagination. In the caption, she cheekily wrote, “Made ya look,” before diving into what she really wanted her fans to take a gander at. 

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Killer Curves In Saucy Video

No stranger to posing on Instagram in little to no clothing, Miley Cyrus’s recent video upload to the social media site has fans drooling. Dressed in nothing but a skintight black bodysuit, Cyrus gave fans an ample view of her toned physique. Cyrus started the video bent over, seemingly on her hands and knees on what appears to be a cozy porch swing. 

The position gave viewers a perfect shot of the pop star’s cleavage, which was barely held in place by the thin-strapped getup. It also showed off the generous curve of her hip, as well as her thigh crease. After possibly adjusting something offscreen, or maybe she was just trying to get the swing to rock back and forth, Cyrus pulled back from the camera, raising up on her knees. 

The new position gave fans a full look at the thong onesie, which was a very high cut and left Cyrus bare almost all the way to her armpits. There was also a string wrapped around the pop star’s waist that she idly pulled at. The looping video cuts off at that point, though users had the option of scrolling over to a second photo. 

Cyrus Gears Up For Summerfest 2021

While some probably hoped the second photo would show off more of Cyrus’ figure, it was her other talents that got some promotion — namely, her upcoming performance for Summerfest 2021. Cyrus will be performing on September 17 and is already in promotion mode for what’s being heralded as “The World’s Largest Music Festival.” Cyrus will be far from the only entertainer for the festival, which stretches across three weekends at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Cyrus will be joined by such acts as Fall Out Boy, Luke Bryan, Chance The Rapper, the Jonas Brothers, and Guns N Roses, among many others. Even comedian Dave Chapelle is joining in the fun with a September 11 standup set. Over on the festival stage, there are even more huge acts expected to perform, including Brett Eldredge, Charlie Wilson, ZZ Top, and the Sugar Hill Gang. 

It looks like it’s going to be an amazing gathering of unbelievably talented people, so it’s no surprise that Cyrus can’t help but urge her followers to buy tickets. Interestingly, Miley Cyrus’ career has been a hot topic of gossip for the tabloids. Several of these less-than-reliable outlets have accused the singer of “spiraling” after her last album, Plastic Hearts, “tanked” and “bombed.” 

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Sales of the album did get off to a slow start, thanks in part to the failure of her record label to get physical copies of the album into enough retail stores. Cyrus wasn’t “spiraling,” nor was she blaming her fans for not supporting her enough as one tabloid insisted. Judging by Cyrus’ latest gig with Summerfest, we’d argue that her career is going just fine, despite the ominous rumblings from the tabloids. 

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