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Netflix On Board For Latinx List 2022; Streamer Offering Script Deals To Selected Scribes

EXCLUSIVE: Back for a third year, the Latinx List has added some significant streamer sinew for 2022.

Netflix has now come on board with the scriptwriting initiative to offer WGA minimum script deals to two selected scribes. With five original feature films and five original pilot scripts to be chosen, the submission period for the 2022 Latinx List runs from now until September 2.

Successful candidates can expect to be notified soon after the submissions window closes. Scripts can be submitted here through

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Black List, ULP, NALIP and Latin Tracking Board on this initiative,” says Pete Corona, Netflix’s Director of Drama Development. “Great storytellers are the archstone of great content and this further solidifies Netflix’s commitment to platforming inclusive stories from the US Latinx community,” the exec added.

“The ULP is so thrilled to be partnering again with the Latin Tracking Board, NALIP, and the Black List on this vital initiative,” said Gloria Calderón Kellett today. “Latine people are almost 20% of the US population yet we are still severely lacking in on camera and behind the scenes representation,” the With Love creator stated. “Opportunity and access can make a difference and that is exactly what this initiative does. So grateful to Netflix and excited to see all the talent that has yet to be discovered.”

“The success of scripts from previous Latinx Lists speaks for itself: Sundance Festival premieres, international distribution, writers room staffing, studio writing assignments, and beyond,” noted Black List founder Franklin Leonard as well. “It’s inevitable that the writers selected for the 2022 List will have similar experiences. We’re in the business of finding the best possible writers and introducing them to the best possible industry partners to realize their ambitions. That’s how we build careers and a better, more representative business, with better financial outcomes and film and television for us all to enjoy.”

Spawned from the scope and success of the Black List, the Latinx List started in 2019. Unveiled at that year’s NALIP Summit in LA, the inaugural list included the likes of Francesca Sloane’s 1990s-set Headbangers and the MACRO produced Blast Beat from Esteban Arango and Erick Castrillon. The latter, a self-described “irreverent” coming of age drama, had its debut at Sundance back in 2020.

In October of that same year, the list announced that writers Dominic Colon, Juan Carlos Fernandez and Anna Salinas had been awarded blind script deals with Disney-owned Hulu.

“As Latinx executives in Hollywood, we are thrilled to once again join our partners in this initiative to highlight the talent and stories the industry should be green-lighting,” says the Latin Tracking Board’s Diego Nájera of the hopes for the 2022 Latinx List.

“Access, storytelling, and professional advancement are at the center of NALIP’s work, and we are thrilled with the careers that are unfolding for previous Latinx List writers,” proclaimed ALIP Board Chair Karla Pita Loor. “We can’t wait to see the stories that come out of this year’s powerful collaboration with the Latin Tracking Board, The Untitled Latinx Project and The Black List.”

To that end, check out the requirements for this year’s Latinx List submissions below:

Writers should be Latinx and currently residing currently in the US – any country of origin or other status is fine

Any kind of story is eligible and will be considered

All scripts must have one Latinx character in a prominent, lead role

Scripts can be bilingual as long as they are written primarily in English

Original feature films, half-hours and one-hour pilots considered, no webseries or documentaries

All levels of experience considered for submitting writers

Writing teams are eligible as long as one member of the team identifies as Latinx.

Scripts submitted should be as free from attachments as possible


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