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OMG Gen Z Just Discovered Skorts & We Have Some Words

Gen Z-ers have recently rediscovered the tummy-flashing, barrette-wearing, “futuristic baby” look of Y2K. As a result, millennials are asking the question: are we that old? Apparently, yes.

The latest “new” trend Gen Z has adopted is none other than my go-to outfit on the playground circa 2002. Hold onto your pockets, millennials; the mullet of all pant wear is back.

Skirts…That Are Shorts?!

Last month, TikTok user @TallLivingTiny shared a “mindblowing” discovery with the internet. “You know how we get excited about dresses with pockets? Hang on, I gotta show you this,” she says, standing to reveal a floral print denim miniskirt. 

Then, in a move millions of ’80s and ’90s babies did on the daily, she flipped her skirt up to reveal a pair of matching shorts underneath. “Skirts…that are shorts! *mind blown emoji*” 


Felt cute might delete later ? #shortskirt

? Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

The Word You’re Looking For Is “Skort”

Unsurprisingly, millennials were quick to let @TallLivingTiny know that those skirt-short combos actually have a name. Others tested their own young ones to see if they knew about the infamous “skort.”

“What’s it called?” Asked one mother on TikTok after buying her daughter a skort at Costco. “I don’t know,” the child shrugged.


We are old ?? #skort

? original sound – ?BZ

“You have to remember, to young millennials and Gen Z, anything that happened before the year 2000 did not exist to them,” one pre-2000 baby commented.

Siri, play “Everybody Hurts” by REM.

As Divisive As The Skorts Themselves

Now, I have some fairly fond memories of my skort collection. One that comes to mind is a red and gray plaid number I rocked throughout my entire Avril Lavigne Let It Go phase. 

As one TikTok millennial puts it: “Skorts that you wear whenever you’re trying to look fancy, but you’re still a tomboy and want to hang upside down on the monkey bars?” Yes, exactly those. Skorts were versatile, functional, cute and convenient. 


#stitch with @talllivingtiny this generation is DOOMED!!! #SKORT #fyp #foryoupage #tattooedmamaof5 #90skids #90sthrowback #TikTokGGT

? Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

Nevertheless, other older gals are not as excited to see this trend reemerge. “I was cool when y’all brought back the ’70s. I’m cool with the ’80s. But do you know how traumatized I was by those things as a child?”

“-sighs in old person- Just bury me now,” another user commented.

But love them or hate them, skorts seem to be sashaying their way into the fashion scene yet again. Gen Z-ers might not understand how decrepit the rest of us feel right now, but fear not, ’90s babies – their turn to feel old is coming soon enough. 

And at the end of the day, we all put our skorts on one short pant leg at a time.

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