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Ordering Meghan Markle To Stop Wearing Princess Diana’s Jewelry

Prince William is both an heir to the throne and a tabloid fixture. Not a week goes by without numerous stories claiming to know the ins and outs of his life. Our top rumor of 2021 claimed he’d ordered Meghan Markle to stop wearing Princess Diana’s jewelry. Here’s what went down.

A Gold Cartier Tank Watch

Woman’s Day revealed William’s fury over Markle wearing one of his mother’s watches. Markle was wearing a gold Cartier tank watch commonly believed to belong to Diana. A source explained, “ever since Meghan came between the brothers and soured their relationship, it has bothered William that she has such an important piece of his mum in her jewelry box… Diana loved that watch. William was only too glad to give it to Harry in the hope that it would one day be given to a woman who completed their generation of the family, not tore it apart.”

The story itself clarified that Harry traded another piece of jewelry to his brother for the watch, so it was Harry’s to do as he pleased. However, this whole story was hogwash because the watch in question did not belong to Diana. Marie Claire helped clarify that Markle was paying tribute to Diana, but was not wearing her actual jewelry. Since this was suddenly a non-issue, Yostrive debunked the story.

The Watch Comes Up A Lot

This wasn’t the first time this tabloid has published a story surrounding the watch. In 2020, Woman’s Day claimed William and Markle were fighting over the watch. Markle bought the watch for herself as a way of celebrating the third season of Suits. It predates her relationship with Harry, and it’s clearly meaningful for her.

These attacks over a watch just prove how much tabloids detest Markle. She’s literally wearing her own watch and it spawned multiple venomous attacks evoking Diana. There’s a lot we don’t know about William and Markle’s relationship, but it’s safe to say he’s not ordering her to give up her own jewelry.

Other William Stories

When William comes up in tabloids, it’s usually for one of two reasons. Either he’s becoming the king of England ahead of Prince Charles, or he’s fighting his brother. While the brothers are certainly not as close as they once were, that doesn’t mean William is picking fights over watches. He’s also not the king yet and may have to wait decades for the crown.


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