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Over 40? How To Maintain Your Skin, Hair Through The Winter

Winter is almost here, and it’s bringing cold, dry air with it, which can be rough on skin and hair alike. With the natural chill of winter doing its best to dry out everything it can get its mitts on, it’s wise to be prepared for the worst. Luckily, we came across some products that offer amazing benefits for your hair and skin while ensuring you look your best.

It’s not just that winter is cold, it’s the fact that the air is so dry. The lack of moisture in the air can spell disaster for hair, making it appear dry and dull as a result. Lock in moisture with this relaxing technique that has been a staple of Black-owned salons for generations. 

It’s not just dry weather that’s tough on skin. Pollutants, both indoor and outdoor, can age skin and cause wrinkles. We heard about a face oil that both hydrates skin and protects it from pollutants that we think will interest you. 

Already have your skincare routine and haircare locked down for the winter? There’s an out of the box hair removing powder that comes with a shockingly low price and promises soft, smooth skin. It’s not too soon to look ahead to warmer weather and the chance to show off all the care you’ve taken during the long, cold months. 

Here are the beauty products we can’t stop talking about.

Steaming Your Hair Is The Latest Trend That Is Actually More Beneficial Than It Sounds

(Chokniti Khongchum/

Steaming hair seems counterintuitive to combat dryness, but it’s actually an ingenious way to not only add moisture to dry locks, but lock it in as well. No more losing moisture to winter’s dry winds, your hair could look shiny and bouncy all year round, and that’s not the only benefit.

Check out why this tried and true method has been used by Black-owned salons for generations, and why the trend is catching on now, by clicking here.

How To Protect Your Skin From Damaging Pollutants While Infusing It With Antioxidants

Botanics USA facial serum.
(@botanicsUSA / Instagram)

A new all-in-one product promises to protect skin from damaging pollutants while also restoring balance and hydration to boot. Chapped, rough skin used to be a staple of the winter months, but that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. Botanics’ Revive & Protect Postbiotic Aqua Oil is the solution suitable for all skin types, and it’s exactly what the doctor ordered this season. 

Check out why customers keep flocking back and see where to get your own face oil through clicking here.

This $3 Hair Removing Powder Works Better Than Nair For Smooth, Soft Skin

Image of shaving powder.

Though winter typically means long sleeves and pants that hide the areas we keep hair free during the warmer months, there are some events that may require a quick grooming. If you’re loath to break out the razor or painful waxes for just a night or two, this might be the hair removing product you’ve been looking for.

This powder removes hair better than Nair, and its price is even lower. Get your own $3 hair removing powder that leaves your skin smoother and softer than before right here.

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