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Paris Jackson Makes Her Thoughts About Collaborating With Janet Clear

Over the years, headlines have suggested that Paris Jackson and Janet Jackson are in the midst of an alleged feud and are not on speaking terms. However, neither star has confirmed whether any of this holds true. Later this month, Janet will release a two-part tell-all documentary about her personal life and career. “JANET” will premiere on January 28 on Lifetime and A&E. In September 2021, however, Paris said she can “neither confirm nor deny” when asked whether or not she will be making an appearance in the doc during a red carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight at The Elizabeth Taylor Ball.

While promoting her new movie, “Sex Appeal,” on Access Daily, Paris was asked once again about her iconic aunt. This time, she was asked whether she was open to collaborating with the Grammy award-winner. “We haven’t talked about it but I’m not opposed to it,” Paris insisted, adding, “I love collaborating with all kinds of artists, the genre doesn’t really turn me off.” Even though nothing appears to be in the works right now, that does sound like an interesting collab if it were to ever happen!


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