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Pat Sajak ‘Spiraling Off The Deep End’ After Series Of Bizarre Tweets, Source Says

Are Pat Sajak’s loved one’s worried he’s “spiraling off the deep end” after a series of “bizarre” tweets? A tabloid reports this week that the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune has those close to him worried that his habit of “spouting divisive views during polarized times” on social media will result in “real damage” to his reputation. Yostrive looks into these allegations. 

Pat Sajak’s ‘Bizarre’ Twitter Posts Spark Concern?

In a recent edition of the National Enquirer, sources revealed that “batty” Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak had been “raising alarms” over his “weird” Twitter posts. The tabloid — never one to leave a scandal, no matter how small, unremarked on — also referenced Sajak’s on-set gaffes, a topic the tabloids have often gleefully returned to. 

One source remarked of the 75-year-old game show host, “He’s been struggling for a while and obviously spiraling off the deep end again.” What brought about this doom and gloom? A series of sardonic tweets Sajak posted to Twitter in December. 

In one dated December 7, he wrote in response to the slate of high-profile shoplifting cases on the West Coast, “A Christmas message to my fellow Californians: If you plan to steal merchandise, please keep it under $950. This way, it’s a misdemeanor, and you’ll be less likely to be prosecuted.” At the end, he added, “More importantly, there will be more left for others to steal. Remember, Christmas is for sharing.” 

Another tweet, posted just a few days later, simply read, “I’m resigning my position at CNN. I don’t actually work there, so it’s really preemptive.” Though both the tabloid and the source come clean about the fact that the so-called “bizarre” tweets were in fact simply jokes, halfway through the article mind you, both quickly insist that this is somehow both proof that Sajak has “lost a few vowels” as he’s gotten older and that he’s being purposefully malicious in a way that makes execs on Wheel of Fortune nervous. 

Not Everyone’s Laughing, Sources Insist

“Pat thinks he’s being funny with these rambling messages but he’s making no sense,” the snitch insisted. “He seems lost on his own planet.” One source whispered that they expected those executives to issue Sajak an order to button his lip on social media “before he does real damage to his image.” 

In the end, the source described Sajak as a man who’s “trying to throw his weight around like he’s 25 to impress people. It seems like he’s feeling his age and taking it out on everyone,” adding, “People think he has anger issues that have yet to be resolved.”  

Yostrive’s Take On The Matter

What’s truly bizarre here is the Enquirer’s attempt to paint a few silly tweets as something sinister. It’s literally just jokes. Just because one of the outlet’s alleged “sources” didn’t think they were funny doesn’t mean that Sajak is losing touch or being divisive. That’s simply ridiculous. 

It also bears mentioning that Sajak tweets like this all the time. The day after Thanksgiving, he simply tweeted, “[Burp!]” Clearly it was a slow news day for the Enquirer when they decided to see this stinker of a story see the light of day.


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