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Penelope Cruz And Jessica Chastain Confess To Fawning Over This A-Lister

“The 355” co-stars Penélope Cruz and Jessica Chastain recently appeared on “The Late Late Show” to chat with host James Corden about the movie, as well as humorous behind-the-scenes moments. In particular, Cruz began discussing her affection for fellow actor Meryl Streep. “Every time I see her after that I hug her and kiss her a thousand times,” she said.

Cruz’s comments prompted Chastain to reveal her personal thoughts as well, telling a story about an embarrassing encounter she had after Streep approached her after a play performance — proving that A-listers still get starstruck with one another.

“She turns and looks at me, and everything starts to go crazy in my head. She walks toward me like we know each other, and then she says, ‘Jessica, you were so wonderful in this play!’ I didn’t even know to function. I said, ‘Thank you so much. It means so much to me that you came. Buh-bye,’ and I walked out, like an idiot!” Chastain said.

However, as another “The 355” actor, Diane Kruger, shared in a press interview with Entertainment Tonight, Streep is always welcome to join the cast if there’s a film sequel.


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