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Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles’ ‘Secret Australian Son,’ Top Aide Resigns Amid Scandal, And More Top News About The Prince Of Wales In 2021

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are typically thought of as steadier, less scandal-prone royal family members in recent years, despite their relationship’s dramatic origins. This year, however, has proven that the two are just as susceptible to scandal as their younger counterparts. 

An Australian man claiming to be the son of Charles and Parker Bowles posted “proof” that the two royals are his birth parents. 

Past scandals involving the couple were also revisited this year when a royal biographer claimed Charles once stormed out in tears after his mother, Queen Elizabeth, referred to Parker Bowles as a “wicked woman” following his divorce from Princess Diana

More recently, Charles has been embroiled in controversy after his long-serving aide resigned from The Prince’s Foundation over allegations that he’d engaged in a cash-for-honors scheme. 

These royal news stories, among many others, dominated news feeds this year. Get caught up on all the latest royal news before the year is out. 

Australian Man Claims Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles Are His Birth Parents

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A man from Australia has claimed that his true birth parents are none other than Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. He’s posted photos of his children alongside photos of members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte, to prove his claims that he’s the eldest son of the heir to the throne.

The alleged “son” of the two royals explained his version of events, which can be read here. 

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles welcome foreign dignitaries to England in a formal ceremony
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Before she married Prince Charles in 2005, public opinion of Camilla Parker Bowles was low, thanks in part to the infamous affair she carried on with the Prince of Wales during his marriage to the very popular late Princess Diana. According to one royal biographer, the ill-will towards Parker Bowles was also held behind closed doors by prominent members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth. The author claimed that after one particularly nasty fight between mother and son, Charles stormed out in tears.

The queen had allegedly called Parker Bowles a “wicked woman” and made other proclamations that infuriated and grieved the heir apparent. Read more about the alleged incident here. 

Prince Charles Aide Resigns Amid Charity Scandal

Prince Charles wears a blue suit on stage against a white background
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In more recent news, Prince Charles has been fully cooperating with an investigation into one of his biggest charities, The Prince’s Foundation, after a report claimed the organization had been engaging in a cash-for-honors scheme. As a result of the report and subsequent investigation, one of Charles’ longtime aides and confidants resigned from his position in the charity amid claims he’d accepted large donations in exchange for British honors that granted the recipient U.K. citizenship. 

Learn more about the ongoing scandal by clicking here. 


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