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Prince William Was Scolded By Father, Brother For Seeing His Ex

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the portrait of domestic bliss, but it wasn’t always that way. A story has come out about Prince Charles scolding his son for seeing another woman amid his Middleton courting. Here’s what happened.

Back To The Past

A new royal biography is upon us and with it some juicy stories from behind the veil of mystery. Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan by Christopher Andersen supposedly brings readers inside the relationship between Princess Diana’s kids and how it’s changed over the last five years. One interesting story takes palace well before that.

Middleton and William met in 2001 while both were at the University of St. Andrews. They started dating in 2003 and actually broke up for a time in 2006. The two famously tied the knot on April 29, 2011.

Middleton became a hot tabloid topic for obvious reasons: she was dating a prince. The press paid rapt attention to everything William did, and it continued to connect him to his ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig. William and Middleton, according to this book, fought over Craig. William refused to ditch his ex as a friend and it caused damage in his relationship with Middleton.

Harry Steps In

Middleton failed to get through to William, so Prince Harry tried. Andersen writes that Harry “cautioned his headstrong brother to consider Kate’s hurt feelings.” William didn’t listen and made a point of seeing Craig over that summer. This is when Charles decided to do some good old-fashioned parenting.

Charles took Craig’s side and told William: “You mustn’t put her through that, William. It isn’t fair to Jecca.” Considering Charles left Diana for Camilla Parker Bowles after years of philandering, he was speaking with some experience. Charles’ words got through and William ended the love triangle. Whether or not Middleton is hurt by Charles, or if she even knew about his Craig-championing is anyone’s guess.

All’s Well That End’s Well

William decided to be true to Middleton, and the rest is history. She’s just hosted her first royal Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey, ten years after their wedding at the same location. They’ve settled into a life together that will go to the throne at some point.

For what it’s worth, Craig’s doing alright as well. She wed Jonathan Baillie, a fellow conservationist, in 2016. William was in attendance, but Middleton was conspicuous by her absence. There’s nothing inherently wrong or abnormal about staying friends with an ex, but that doesn’t mean Middleton would be anxious to go the wedding either.

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