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Prince William Worried About Kate Middleton’s Health, Supposed Anorexia, According To Dubious Reports

Tabloids are suspecting that Prince William is worried sick about Kate Middleton recently losing a lot of weight. Could the duchess be suffering from an eating disorder? We take a look at past allegations of Middleton being emaciated.

Meghan Markle To Blame For Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss?

Life & Style reported in their cover story that Middleton has an eating disorder. A source said, “Kate’s so busy and overwhelmed that she picks at her food and rarely finishes a meal.” Prince William is very concerned about the duchess. An insider says, “No one is more worried than William for his wife’s weight. She’s gone from around 130 or 135 pounds down to around 110 or 115 pounds.”

Insiders also believe that the one causing this anxiety for Middleton is Meghan Markle.  A source says, “Since Harry and Meghan went out of their way to destroy the royal family’s good name… Kate’s been under an enormous amount of pressure to help save the monarchy, and the cracks are starting to show.” Click here to read more about how this alleged eating disorder is affecting Middleton. 

History Repeating Itself?

This isn’t the only claim that the pressure of being a royal is getting to Middleton. According to a report by Star, Prince William was “scared Kate is buckling under the pressure of royal life.” An insider added that William “is especially terrified” since he knew about his mother Princess Diana’s battle with bulimia.

The source explained that an eating disorder “could very well be connected to [Middleton’s] being stick thin.” The tabloid reports that Middleton has shrunken down to a skeletal 95 lbs. The tabloid even used side-by-side photos of Diana and Middleton in similar outfits to show the resemblance in their figures. Is Middleton’s weight loss a case of history repeating itself? Click here to find out.

Pregnancy Causing Health Issues?

Back in July, the Globe also reported that Kate Middleton is down to a shocking 97 pounds. The tabloid insisted Middleton was secretly 12-weeks pregnant, and severe morning sickness was the cause of her dropping so many pounds.

An inside source dished at the time, “William and her family are worried sick,” adding, “This should be the happiest time for Kate and her husband, but it’s turned into a nightmare. Kate was hospitalized during her first pregnancy and they’re desperate to avoid that happening again.”

This seems not that far-fetched, as the duchess suffered from complications during her last three pregnancies. We took a look at if Middleton’s health was deteriorating due to her being pregnant, read more about it here.


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