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Procter And Gamble Recalling Shampoo Products Over Cancer Risks

Proctor and Gamble have voluntarily recalled over 30 of its products that had traces of the cancer-causing agent, benzene, in them. The recalls are mostly on dry shower-related products, all with aerosol sprays. Thankfully, the company acted quickly and seems to be ahead of the problem at this time and filled the FDA in on it.

Safety First

Upon learning that there had been tiny traces of benzene in their dry shower-related aerosol products, the company acted swiftly with the recall while also addressing the problem directly. In a statement to People, the company said, “While benzene is not an ingredient in any of our products, our review showed that benzene came from the propellant that sprays the product out of the can.”

They went on to explain that daily exposure to the amount of benzene found in their products would not cause any serious or immediate health problems. But they also didn’t want to risk it and acted quick, pulling the items in full.

More About Benzene

Though doses would have to be high and consistent, the problems Benzene can cause are nothing short of eye-opening. It can lead to Leukemia, blood cancer, cancer of the bone marrow, and even lead to life-threatening blood problems. Benzene can be ingested orally or through skin contact, and it can have no immediate indicators one has been exposed to it.

Though thankfully, in this instance it didn’t get to that extreme. And to their credit, they acted quickly which kept this whole story from being a tragedy.

Affected Brands

The Proctor and Gamble products tainted with Benzene are:



Herbal Essences


Old Spice

Hair Food

The above products were found both in-store and online, so be aware of that moving forward with your own purchases. As you can see, a lot of Proctor and Gamble products have been affected by this recall. But again, there have been no adverse reactions from any customers, which is great to hear in a story like this.

In Good Health

Proctor and Gamble do want to stress that 30 products may seem quite high, but a majority of their products are not affected by it at all and are still completely safe for use. And they have put certain things in place for people who may get affected by this. A refund is being offered to anyone affected by the recall. There is an online form and you can also contact their Consumer Care Team by phone at 1-888-674-36319.


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