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Pulse List: 5 of the funniest Nigerian politicians

Honestly, some of these politicians can be very funny even without knowing. These are our top five:

When he was still a senator of Kogi West Local Government, Dino used to make many videos, sometimes he would sing Yoruba songs like “Ajegun Iya” or make humorous statements.

Let’s not forget how in 2019, he jumped out of a police van to avoid going to jail and how he had to be wheeled into the Magistrate court, Lokoja.

When the Police went to his home to arrest him, he fainted and had to be carried and dragged out of the house. All that theatrics was not for nothing as Dino got in a Nollywood film in 2019 and has since starred in four movies.

Nowadays, Dino makes fewer videos, but when we see him, he pairs designer outfits in the most ridiculous ways and shows off his numerous cars.

Who can forget the former Ekiti Governor’s Ayo Fayose press conference in 2018 after he had been arrested?

He was wearing a cast on his neck and he cried out saying, “I am in pain, I am in severe pains. If anything happens to me, blame the Inspector General of Police!”

Fayose is also known for many rants, many of them funny. It’s amazing how Nigerian politicians always fall sick when they are to be accountable for their actions.

The Governor of Rivers State hands down is a very funny man. During his 2023 presidential campaign, he trended for saying, ‘Just give me the power!’

An interview or press conference where Wike didn’t say anything funny? Nah, it doesn’t exist. Watching him sometimes feels like watching a skit.

The Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello doesn’t try to be a comical man, he just is, whether he is lifting weights or making a video of himself. He once made a video saying those accusing me of having coronavirus have HIV.

He denied that Corona virus existed in his state. Perhaps the funniest thing he has done is an attempt to be the president of Nigeria through the PDP primaries, especially when he said Nigerians are begging for him to run. Which Nigerians?

Former senator and currently aspiring Governor of Osun state first became popular when we saw a video of him dancing. He looked like a man in his 20s digging it out at a friend’s party. The fact that he is on the plus side made his dancing antics even funnier.


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