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Quitting ‘The View’ Over Controversial Hire

The tabloids have gossiped about Whoopi Goldberg for her entire career, and it certainly didn’t stop when she joined The View. Between her health troubles and fighting with her View co-hosts, the magazines had plenty to say about the Ghost star this year. Here’s our top Whoopi Goldberg story of 2021.

Whoopi Goldberg ‘Threatens To Walk’ Over Candace Owens?

After Meghan McCain announced her departure from The View, rumor had it that the show’s producers were considering controversial commentator Candace Owens as her replacement. But Life & Style reported that Owens wasn’t going to join the show if Whoopi Goldberg had anything to do with it. While Goldberg and McCain often butted heads during their time as co-hosts, the tabloid claimed hiring Owens would be like going from “bad to worse.” In fact, if Owens joined the show, Goldberg said she’d be hitting the road.

“She lost it when she found out ABC was considering bringing on Candace Owens,” an insider dished. “She actually threatened to walk if they hired her.” But she isn’t the only one that was opposed to Owens joining the show. Apparently, another host said they’d also say their goodbyes if Owens came on board. “Joy Behar said she would follow suit and quit were Candace to join the panel,” the tipster revealed. “Needless to say, it’s complete chaos over at The View.”

Candace Owens Shakes Things Up At ‘The View’?

We didn’t buy this story for a few reasons. First of all, we debunked the rumor that Owens was joining the show long before this report was published. TMZ confirmed that The View was in no hurry to replace McCain, and planned to try out multiple different guest hosts to see who had the most chemistry with the current hosts. Of course, this didn’t fit with the tabloid’s narrative that the show was willing to lose multiple of its current hosts all just to get Owens on air.

The outlet even stated, “While a rep for the show denies Whoopi, 65, made such a power play, Candace’s team tellingly says the pundit has yet to be formally approached.” So, by the tabloid’s own admission, Goldberg’s rep denied the allegations, and no one even asked Owens to join the show. As of right now, The View is still trying out guest hosts to find a perfect fit. It’s clear Owens was never a real contender, and the magazine was just airing mindless gossip.

The Tabloids On Whoopi Goldberg

This was far from the only misleading story the tabloids published about Goldberg this year. In July, the Globe claimed Goldberg was “on the verge of collapse” due to ongoing health issues. Then, the Globe alleged Goldberg was facing a health crisis after gaining weight. And more recently, the National Enquirer claimed Goldberg’s recent health problems had her in a bad mood on set. Clearly, none of these publications are trustworthy when it comes to Goldberg.


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