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Reese Witherspoon Spotted In This Celeb Fav Sneaker

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Sneakers are the unsung heroes of the shoe world. For too long, we’ve associated these comfy kicks with gym seshes and dog walking. But it’s 2021, people—no more!  

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that comfy and chic can (and should always be) combined. And celebs from the Meghan Markle to Reese Witherspoon are doing just that with this new, sustainable sneaker line.

Comfy, Cute, And Green To Boot

The French shoe brand Veja has been around since 2004, but its popularity skyrocketed in 2018. That year, Meghan Markle rocked a pair of classic Veja sneakers to watch an Invictus Games sailing event. 

Veja’s timeless design quickly won over the hearts of the masses, but they’re not just a classically chic sneaker. In fact, Veja’s number one priority is not fashion at all; it’s sustainability. 

Sébastian Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion envisioned Veja while working on an NGO in Brazil. The founders worked with Brazilian farmers to source organic cotton, wild Amazonian rubber, and vegetable-tanned leather. 

Kopp and Morillion’s means of production was a breath of fresh air. Sneaker production alone accounts for 1.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. For some context, air travel is responsible for 2.5% of emissions. 

Veja sought to change this through mindful production. “I think fashion is often comparable to cooking,” Kopp told The Project Garments. “If you choose each ingredient with care, and you are patient, it’s going to be a good meal. It’s the same with developing a brand.” 

And thanks to Veja’s careful selectivity and patience, the brand can have “one foot in design and the other in responsibility,” TPG reports.

Celebs Love Them (And You Will, Too)

Actress Emma Watson was aboard the Veja train long before Meghan Markle wore them to the Invictus Games. Since then, celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and even French President Emmanuel Macron have followed the trend. 

Reese Witherspoon—queen of all things Rom-Com and comfy-chic—was also recently spotted rocking a pair of Vejas in an IG post. The photo might be a wide shot, but Veja’s distinct “V” pattern makes them easy to spot.   

But if you think these bad boys come with a Balenciaga price tag, then think again. In addition to being cute, comfy, and eco-friendly, these shoes are also affordable (arguably the best part). 

A classic pair of white Veja Esplar (Ratajkowski’s fav) will cost you less than a pair of Ugg boots . And considering these shoes are made from recyclable material and built to last ten years from now, these shoes will easily pay themselves off in no time. 

Moreover, Veja has a wide variety of styles to choose from. Keep it sporty with their Venturi trainers or make it Y2K-cute with their platform Campos. Veja even has a style for the Converse and Reebok enthusiasts. 

In the face of climate change, making sustainable purchases is essential. Sometimes, this means sacrificing appearance, cost, or comfort. In Veja’s case, you get to keep all three—a win, win, win.

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