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Report: ‘Seething’ Kris Jenner Out To Ruin ‘Twisted’ Kanye West

Was Kris Jenner trying to ruin Kanye West’s life to get back at him for all the “nasty things” he said about her daughter Kim Kardashian? A tabloid recently claimed Jenner wouldn’t stop coming after him until he came “crawling” on his hands and knees with an apology. Yostrive looked into the rumor.

Kris Jenner Still “Flinching In Fury” About Kanye West?

The Globe recently reported that Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kris Jenner had turned into a “savage lioness” in her efforts to protect daughter Kim Kardashian from her estranged husband Kanye West. In fact, the tabloid insisted, the 65-year-old momager was determined to make West “so miserable he’ll wish he’d never been born.” Ultimately, her hope was supposedly to have West “crawling on his hands and knees with a heartfelt apology after all the nasty things he said and did,” a source told the outlet. 

“There’s not a day goes by that Kris doesn’t flinch with fury over what Kanye did to Kim and the whole family in general,” the snitch added. Though West has behaved in a manner that Jenner probably doesn’t appreciate, the tabloid insisted that Jenner was still “seething” over “bipolar Kanye’s shocking public claim” at an election event last summer where he revealed sensitive information about his oldest child during what Kardashian later referred to as a bipolar disorder episode. 

In the months since Kardashian filed for divorce, West has reportedly cut off all contact between himself and his estranged wife and seemingly skipped out on his youngest son’s birthday party that Kardashian organized. Despite all those recent happenings, the outlet focused on something that happened almost a year ago at this point. What the momager did have a problem with, the source continued, was the fact that he “ghosted” the entire Kardashian family. 

“She thinks he’s being especially bitter and twisted and it’s obvious that he’s trying to ghost the whole Kardashian family like they never existed,” the tattler whispered. While Kardashian was content to let the divorce play out without engage in petty antics, her mother was more than “happy to take the lead on her behalf. Until West apologizes for everything he’s done to her family, Jenner reportedly doesn’t plan to give him a moment of peace. 

Jenner to Make West’s Life A Nightmare?

“Until that happens she’ll have no issue calling him out and making life as difficult for him as possible. She has a lot of influence in Hollywood and plenty of dirt that will embarrass him plenty,” the tipster noted, “whether it’s by plot lines on the Kardashian reality show, trickling information out or rallying others to bring him down.” In conclusion, the source left West with an ominous warning, hissing, “He’d better watch out!” If this tale sounds too melodramatic to be true, that’s because it is. 

The tabloids love to paint Kris Jenner as some sort of mastermind and meddler who delights in nothing more than manipulating the people around her into getting exactly what she wants from them. According to this particular outlet’s reporting, this is something that Jenner has mastered. So why is it that West is still as famous and popular among his peers as he’s ever been? 

Could it be that Jenner isn’t the methodical manipulator that she’s rumored to be and that the outlet simply made this all up? That sounds far more reasonable to us. Besides, Jenner seems to be extremely competent, so if she’d really decided to ruin West, chances are he’d be ruined, not dating Bradley Cooper’s model ex Irina Shayk. His life is far from ruined, despite this outlet’s ridiculous musings. 

It doesn’t surprise Yostrive at all that this outlet would make up such a silly story. We already took the Globe to task recently for claiming that a “desolate” Kanye West had swelled up to over 300 pounds in the aftermath of his divorce from Kim Kardashian. The shady outlet even went as far to claim Kardashian used to be able to curb West’s “gobbling,” but that his compulsive eating was out of control without her oversight. That was not only untrue but needlessly cruel as well. That should be this tabloid’s new motto: untrue and needlessly cruel.

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