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Rooney Mara Facing Backlash Over Audrey Hepburn Casting

Rooney Mara will soon play Audrey Hepburn, and many fans are not happy about it. Twitter is engaged because another a-lister was passed over. Here’s what’s going on.

Coming To AppleTV+

Luca Guadagnino is set to direct a Hepburn biopic for Apple. Mara will play the legendary Roman Holiday star and scored a producer’s credit as well. The film is already earning hatred years ahead of its release. Hepburn was an icon whose career spanned decades. This is a promising role, to say the least, and could finally earn Mara an Academy Award.

Fans Wanted Someone Else

Lily Collins, best known for Emily In Paris, bears a passing resemblance to Hepburn. She’s also a fan of Hepburn’s and has posed as the Sabrina star on occasion. Fans of hers are livid over Collins getting passed over, and quickly voiced their frustration on social media.

Some think she’s been disrespected, for she’s been working hard in films like Les Miserables. This logic is a little flimsy, but it’s an argument presented to dispel the idea that Collins is only capable of Emily In Paris-level acting.

Another Twitter user pointed out the comparison between Collins and Kristen Stewart. Stewart’s reputation was warped thanks to the monumental success of Twilight, but she’s earning tons of buzz for her role of Princess Diana.

Others feel very differently. Hepburn did win an Oscar for her very first film, so perhaps Collins just wasn’t up to snuff.

This whole issue sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? Nicole Kidman just portrayed Lucille Ball in Being The Ricardos. Despite Ball’s family praising her performance, fans still don’t think she was the right choice. Debra Messing campaigned for the role, and can now only watch as Kidman takes home a Golden Globe.

Collins (Probably) Doesn’t Care

The world is wide enough for more than one Hepburn biopic, and Collins is only 32. That being, she still has reason to celebrate this week. Collins has announced the renewal of Emily in Paris for a third and fourth season. This alone should keep her occupied through the entire filmmaking process of this Hepburn flick.

If she feels any vengeance towards Mara, Collins is keeping it to herself.


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