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Royal Gossip Says Queen Elizabeth Is Moving In With Prince William, Kate Middleton After Armed Break-In At Windsor

Is Queen Elizabeth moving in with Prince William and Kate Middleton? One tabloid claims a recent security breach has the royal family reeling. Here’s what we know about Her Majesty’s new living arrangements.

Queen Elizabeth Moves In With Prince William And Kate Middleton?

This week, Woman’s Day reports Queen Elizabeth no longer feels safe in Buckingham Palace after an armed intruder breached palace grounds and got dangerously close to her living quarters. But Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t going to leave Her Majesty alone to fret. Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have plans to move the queen into an apartment right next to their own in Kensington Palace.

“It makes perfect sense, really,” an insider begins. “With Prince Phillip gone, she’s alone, aside from a handful of trusted staff, rattling around Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle — which, due to its sheer size, is terribly difficult to protect. William and Catherine have been worried about her long before an intruder shook everyone up.”

And it wasn’t just a lucky coincidence that the Cambridges had a newly-renovated neighboring apartment ready to go. Apparently, the flat was prepared for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to move into after their wedding in 2018. But, of course, things didn’t go according to plan. “It turned out to be a very expensive mistake,” the tipster explains.

“Harry and Meghan fell out with the Cambridges and refused to live next door to them, so the decision was made to send them to Frogmore Cottage instead. It was thought that apartment might be saved for Prince George when he’s of age, but in the meantime, it stands empty. It would be ideal for the Queen.”

Queen Elizabeth Takes Apartment The Sussexes Turned Down?

We’re not buying this story. First of all, if the queen truly is moving out of the palace for her own safety, why would anyone close to her share that information? Wouldn’t announcing to the world exactly where the queen is living put her in danger? Just from that fact, it’s painfully obvious that this story didn’t come from anyone close to the royals.

Furthermore, how did a story about the queen moving turn into just Meghan Markle bashing? There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest the Sussexes ever had plans to live next to the Cambridges, so it’s unclear why this “insider” felt the need to throw that part in. Overall, this tale just seems highly unlikely. Until any real evidence arises to support this story, it’s safe to say it was all just baseless speculation.

The Tabloid On The Royals

This is far from the first time we’ve busted Woman’s Day for spreading misinformation about the royals. In 2021, the tabloid claimed that the entire royal family was furious with the Sussexes for naming their daughter after the queen. Then the outlet reported Queen Elizabeth ordered Harry to bring his son Archie back to the UK. And more recently, the publication alleged Prince Charles and Prince William haven’t stripped Prince Harry of his titles because they’re scared of him. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t reliable when it comes to any member of the British Royal Family.


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