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Ruining Her Face With Cosmetic Procedures

Courteney Cox became a household name during her time on Friends, and the tabloids haven’t left her alone ever since. Her career and relationships are common subjects for magazines to latch onto, but our top Courteney Cox story of 2021 is all about her looks. Let’s check in on the rumor.

‘Fish-Faced’ Courteney Cox Went Overboard On Plastic Surgery?

Back in September, the Globe reported Courteney Cox was back on cosmetic fillers after she claimed to have given them up back in 2019. Cox recently posted a video of herself on Instagram that incited a wave of concerned comments. “You don’t even look the same. The stuff you did is overkill and it doesn’t look right,” one fan remarked.

The tabloid consulted a cosmetic surgeon that hadn’t treated Cox to put the matter to bed once and for all. “It does appear Courteney has undergone injections of filler into her lips to plump them up, and Botox into her forehead and frown lines to smooth them,” the doctor speculated. “I also suspect that she’s had some filler injected into her cheeks.”

The tabloid asserted that Cox had “ruined” her face with all the fillers. “She was on a real kick a couple years ago, adding more and more fillers to her face, and friends said, ‘Don’t go overboard.’ But it was too little too late by the time she finally listened,” an insider dished. “She looks so different. Her cheeks seem misshapen, her lips are gummy, and, of course, the fear is her filler overload has done permanent damage!”

Courteney Cox Suffering From ‘Permanent Damage’ To Her Face?

This report was low even for a tabloid. Let us explain. First of all, in the video that the tabloid referenced, Cox explained that she showed up to work without even realizing that her hair was still wrapped in a towel. It was obvious right off the bat that she hadn’t finished getting ready, so of course, she looked a little disheveled. However, her “misshapen” cheek that the outlet pointed to as proof she’d had more work done was all smoke and mirrors. If you watch the full video, it was clear that a loose strand of her dark hair obstructed her face, momentarily contouring it.

But nevertheless, it’s completely true that Cox had some work done years ago. In a 2019 interview with People, Cox explained, “[I tried] to keep up with time in a way that was anything other than maintenance. I didn’t realize it until one day I kind of stepped back and went, ‘Oh [expletive]. I don’t look like myself.” She said that she’s since cut back on the cosmetic treatments, and we believe her. She may look different than she did playing Monica Geller in the ’90s, but she doesn’t look any different than she did two years ago.

Other Wild Stories About Courteney Cox

While this tale about Cox being “unrecognizable” to her fans took the spot for our top Courteney Cox story of the year, there were plenty of other contenders to choose from. Back in June, the National Enquirer claimed Cox was feuding with her Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston. Then, Woman’s Day claimed Cox and her longtime boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, were secretly engaged. And then the Enquirer claimed Cox was pushing McDaid away with her “control freak” tendencies. It’s clear that fans of Cox shouldn’t believe a word any of these stories print about the actress.


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