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Running Out Of Time After Years Of Health Problems

John Goodman is a legend. The Roseanne star has managed to stay active and beloved for decades, but his time may be running out. Our top Goodman rumor of 2021 believed he was dying.

‘Running Out Of Time’

According to the National Enquirer, Goodman’s drug-fueled past was coming back to haunt him. He’s staying very busy because he’s worried he doesn’t have much longer to live. A source said he’s “convinced the damage from his debauched past of alcohol and cocaine abuse will catch up to him” soon.” 

Doctors have informed him of the risks his boozing has done. A friend snitches, “He thinks he’s a ticking time bomb and that he will have to pay for his boozing and gluttony any day.”

Real friends don’t talk to tabloids, so you can disregard what these so-called sources had to say. This story ran the unreliable source gamut for it got its prognosis from a doctor who had never treated Goodman. This means a person essentially just looked at a photo of Goodman and felt comfortable diagnosing him with serious ailments. That’s not trustworthy, so this story was unreliable.

As for his busy schedule, Goodman’s always stayed busy. He was just filling up his calendar like usual, not burning the candle at all ends. The brief cancellation between Roseanne and The Conners allowed him to pick up some extra projects.

Did He Die?

Stories like this are very easy to debunk simply by giving it time. In the 10 months since this story, Goodman has not died. He continues to show off his dramatic weight loss. The 10 Cloverfield Lane star is still in demand as well, with another season of The Righteous Gemstones due out in 2022.

2021 was a hallmark year for Goodman. On top of the Righteous Gemstones, he also starred in a new season of The Conners and The Freak Brothers. If that wasn’t enough, he returned to Monsters Inc. with the Disney+ series Monsters at Work. That may seem like too much work, but he did seven movies in 2017. Goodman likes to stay busy.

Other ‘Dying’ Stars

Goodman is in some sterling company, for the Enquirer regularly announces the deaths of major stars. Dignitaries like Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth have been targeted with death rumors, as have icons like Cher and Liza Minnelli. Nearly every issue of this rotten tabloid promotes the death of a perfectly healthy celebrity.


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